Malibu Hindu Temple

Anyone explore the weekend kitchen pre-covid? @EattheWorldLA ?

The kitchen is situated in the cultural hall below the Vishnu complex. All prepared items in the kitchen are prepared on the premises. The kitchen is open only on weekends and holidays. Its run by volunteers.

On weekends, a kitchen in the temple’s basement level serves up tasty and cheaply priced vegetarian fare paired with strong chai tea.

On the lower level, weekend and holiday guests can also follow the enticing smells of South Indian food wafting from the back hallways, where it is cooked in giant woks. Step into the volunteer-run cafeteria to indulge in exquisite vegetarian offerings such as lemon rice, ralta, and stewed vegetables in curry sauce — all paired with generous servings of spiced chai.


I thought this was an April Fools joke. Surprised this exists.

:innocent: not an April Fools joke

Finally uncovered a food pic courtesy of Timeout

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I’ve got friends who live in the IE who drive out there almost every weekend. Very much legit

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On the day I drove out there a bit over a year ago, the kitchen was not open. Very beautiful place.