Malibu Seafood Company

I rarely make it all the way to the ocean from Hollywood, but work has taken me to Malibu this week. I’d never been to Malibu Seafood Company. Two nice slabs of tender squid on large fresh not-too-sourdough slices. This was the best grilled calamari sammich I’ve had outside of Kona. Steak fries were perfect, too. Almost worth the 1hr. 15 minute drive…each way.


there’s quite the little chainlest of these joints.

simple grilled fish, with a couple sides fast food style.

the best of the bunch is still mahi mahi in santa monica, which was a little late to the fucking game.

Chainlet, really? I only see the one location on PCH north of Pepperdine.

wait a second, is this the same place we are talking about ???

maybe i’m wrong, if you’re talking about Malibu Seafood. Sorry, read wrong. There’s a Malibu Fish Grill.

Here’s the link to the place I was referencing but it might not be where you were referencing me thinks:

here’s where you might have been referencing:

Yes, Malibu Seafood Company, the one and only, on PCH.

so they have the one in Hollywood now and the OG one in PCH now ???

thanks man.

my bad.

completely misread.

I thought there was a location in Hw’d.


my bad.

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