Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite recs?

We usually eat at Campo, and lately at the Eatery at Mammoth Brewing (good goat tacos!), when we are up there. Anything newer worth checking out? Any type of food is fine. Preferably something not so touristy, although that’s probably hard…

Also, anything new and good in the Yosemite area? Someone on CH posted a report on June Bug Cafe in Midpines which we will be checking out.


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Going to Mammoth in 2 weeks. We liked Campo but our friends had very bad experience there and won’t go back. We’ve eaten at the Westin restaurant and the bbq place in DTLA. Both were ok but wanted to see if anybody had other suggestions. Any type of food is fine.

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Going up to Mammoth this weekend and was wondering if there’s anything new and good in the area? As I mentioned in the OP, we usually go to Campo, but after seeing @js76wisco‘s post I’d like other options.


Here are the places we went the last 2 times and enjoyed. Take into account I was skiing with my kids all day and usually went to these places with apres ski in mind. But I went to Mammoth with very low expectations based on what I’ve heard about the food.

Smokeyard BBQ in downtown. This place and Campo are the best bets in downtown. Campo is actually the better of the two and we had 2 good experiences in a row. The only issue is service is kinda slow and spotty. Pizza is the way to go. Smokeyard BBQ pretty nicely smoked meats and sides with larger portions.

June Lake Brewery. Very good beers especially the IPA. Might be a good time to try out some of their stouts. Haven’t eaten there though.

Black Velvet Coffee - in the same-ish parking lot at Schatz. Good lattes. Total hipster coffee shops are everywhere but our go to for coffee and lattes. Don’t remember if they have their own beans.

John’s Pizza Works - very similar to a Pizza Port but not as good of a tap selection. Pizza and wings.

Restaurant at Convict Lake - 15 to 20 min drive and one of the nicer spots around.

Roberto’s Mexican - this place was packed with a very long wait so we took the food to go. Big portions, rice and beans, chips and salsa. It’s good like El Torito.

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Thank you so much! Super helpful. Bookmarked. :slight_smile:

Bumping this up many years later. Any updates? Going this weekend… primarily looking for takeout given, y’know, Omicron.

@Mr_Meatballs We were up there in April.

In Bishop, we enjoyed Mercado Mexico. Pretty good tacos and mulitas.

I also really like Great Basin Bakery as opposed to those touristy and mediocre Schat’s places.

In Mammoth Lakes we liked Bleu Market & Kitchen. They were doing full dinners to go at that time and still are according to their website.


Thank you! Bleu looks pretty perfect, actually. Cocktails, too!

Will try to hit Mercado Mexico on the drive up.