Manresa. 7/24/16

This was my third visit to Manresa, and it was by far the most exquisite. My first visit was in June of 2012 and the second in November of 2012. That June meal was fantastic and fun and had me itching to return again. On the other hand, the November meal seemed to be marred with less enthusiasm all around. The brightness of the food and service that I had experienced the first time seemed particularly muted. Having said that, there was always something in the back of my head wanting to return again based on that first trip. I’m glad I took the leap of faith. As for this meal, the service was on point, but still warm and friendly. There was not a single “miss” in the tasting and some of the dishes just blew me away. The proteins were so damn delicious: striped bass, poularde, and a jamboree of lamb bits, including tongue and sweetbreads. I have one major culinary aversion: eggs. Having said that, I made it a point to not make mention of it when I made the reservation and throw caution to the wind. I was served shaved egg yolk, tamago, and custard. To my amazement, I loved them all. It is clearly the deft hand of a great chef and good team that could pull this off. It was extra sweet that my sister, brother-in-law, and I got to take a look at the kitchen and meet Chef Kinch at the end of the night as well. Actually, I am a bit atypically star struck and still a bit giddy from that meeting, I’m already itching to go back again.


Looks and sounds wonderful.

If you have the time, could you label each photo? I’m sure it’s in the order of the menu but my feeble old brain gets confused scrolling back and forth. One of our visits to SFBA we need to do an overnight down there. Your descriptions confirm that. Thanks.

I am so happy someone posted a meal at this place!

How much does a meal there run?

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$235 before beverages, tax, and tip.

Not too terrible.

How much wine pairings?

Not sure. I had one selection off of their “zero proof” menu and my dining companions had various glasses of wine, cocktails, and spirits. Their Chemex coffee service was outstanding.