Manzke Restaurant

the new tasting menu space above bicyclette is coming soon. review forthcoming…

:fire: :fire: :fire:

coming in, I was expecting something similar to republique’s thursday night tasting menus. while that was very good, manzke is on a whole. nuhva. level. literally and figuratively.

manzke is located on the second floor above bicyclette in the old picca space and it’s beautiful: high ceilings, well spaced tables, comfortable lighting and noise level, tufted leather banquette, and windows for that natural light.

sergio wasn’t pulling any punches, this restaurant seems purpose built for michelin: french, canapés, mignardise, take home gift, toto and for those asian @moonboy403 :peacock: fucks: a5 wagyu, caviar and truffles. they are a lock for a :star: but most importantly the food was seasoned and executed perfectly and was all delicious.

the service was on the same level as the food: excellent, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and unscripted.

some of the details I noticed: synchronously dropping and removing plates, crumbing the table after each course, carefully placing silverware on the table, and :peacock: lighting for all the :peacock:

my only suggestions would be to have more (free) bread (baguette) to sop up all the sauces, a cheese course and more of chef margarita’s composed desserts.

welcoming aperitif

potato chips, smoked trout roe, tzatziki
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

kumamoto oyster, green apple, yuzu
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
one of the bestest oysters I’ve had in awhile :hugs:

all three of these were :fire: :fire: :fire:

mantou bread, santa barbara uni
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

gougère, black truffle, le cré gruyère
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

kaluga caviar, bluefin tuna, smoked caviar
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

dungeness crab, green thai curry
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

mound o’ rodolphe le meunier
uni for scale

santa barbara prawn, brown butter, meyer lemon
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
charcoal grilled on a donabe and finished table side

the charcoal flavor coming through :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

laminated brioche, rodolphe le meunier butter
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

tasted like one of the bestest crossiants ever :hugs:

monterey bay red abalone, cauliflower royale, kaluga caviar, vin jaune
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
almost like a chawanmushi, light but rich at the same time. very generous portion.

dover sole, morel mushroom
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

I think the morel was stuffed with even more morel

japanese a5 wagyu rib eye & american wagyu beef, potato mousseline
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

butter mixed with some potatoes

harry’s berries, caramelized white chocolate ice cream
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

macerated harry’s berries underneath :heart:

meyer lemon madeline
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

tangerine sorbet
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

earl grey & kumquat chocolates
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

properly tempered chocolate for that snappy crisp

:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

take home brioche


Wowww! Cost?

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Calling all Asian :crazy_face:


$195pp same as maude and kato.

great qpr considering all the ingredients. probably won’t be 195 for long.


My wife saw some pics recently from Kato and said we should go but now I’m second guessing. Manzke looks great too. Which one should we go to first?

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my $195 tasting menu power rankings sponsored by @rlw :

  1. manzke
  2. kato
  3. maude

Thanks @PorkyBelly . Lot of 4 and 5 peacocks. When do they open up to us regular folks?




Pricing is great. At republique when we do a similar menu it’s roughly $250~ (a couple of these dishes he’s tried on us before).

Not that $195 is ever cheap but the value is high at manzke for the price.

I love the space itself, the lighting, the wood, the high ceilings.


The famous baguette didn’t make an appearance?

reservations should go live 3/9 on opentable.


laminatedest crossaintest everest :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Makes me wonder about the issues some peeps’ had with Bicyclette. Maybe the focus shifted to Manzke… it certainly wasn’t because they lost their mojo. Fantastique!


no baguette, that would have been great to sop up all the sauces.

maybe they can serve some epi to make it more precious for michelin.

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does ordering a baguette from bicyclette downstairs count as a bang bang? asking for a friend.


dessert of onion tart + baguette downstairs. Def bang bang


Seems odd. Might be an oversight that will be corrected. In the meantime, maybe Bicyclette can be persuaded to deliver upstairs, or just stop down on your way up.


i will say, the laminated brioche was just as good as the baguette :heart:
it’s just not as good at sopping.

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Reservations are up $225/pp. Looks like a rolling monthly release.

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