Maple Block's Prime Rib, dinner only, a big hunk of beef

It was pretty fucking good.

Though exterior burnt ends with the blackened, salty, crust and of course where the fact is was exceptional. There was a great smoky intensity that fulfilled my Proustian moment.

It’s expensive as fuck, it’s roughly a pound plus a few ounces and there’s no sides with it, unless you count the fucking horseradish cream. And the caramelized shallots.

The interior portion tasted like a good steak.

Make sure to order a fucking beer or four to go with it, and maybe bitter cold-brewed coffee for dessert to cut the richness down to fucking size.

Way better than Lawry’s on the prime rib, eons better, but Lawry’s is of course the better experience from the high-backed Louis the 13th chairs, to the no nonsense waitresses, to the spinning salad bowls, to the convivial atmosphere conducive for some serious drinking to the CC Brown’s Hot Fudge Sundae.

Good prime rib here.


Was it rare and juicy inside

the interior was indeed rare and juicy as fuck.


how much?

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Doctor’s orders, huh? LOL


Same question?

In case nobody has asked yet, what was the cost of entry?

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doctor’s orders ???

what ???

did I fucking miss something.

@kevin I think novelli meant you said your doctor ordered you to cut back on red meat. LOL :smile:

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oh, shit, you’re definitely fucking right. :frowning:

well, its a good thing I didn’t have dessert but I surely was contemplating.

starting Jan. 1st, kevin is pescatarian.

and sadly this time that’s no fucking joke.

so keep those beef recommendations arriving until then.

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do you know what that means?

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uh-oh, what does it fucking mean ???

Question: Does Maple Block usually run out of brisket for dinner? We want to go tonight but if there’s a chance that there won’t be any brisket left, then I’d rather go for lunch on a different day. Thanks!

they were running out of things a lot at the beginning but now seem to have things down better
FYI - I went last Friday at 8:30 and it was a madhouse with a quoted one hour wait. We lucked out and got bar seats quickly. Apparently, the bar seats are not under the front door regulation. So, if you can get your butt in them they are yours.

50 large, pre -

Thanks for all the info!! We are actually going tomorrow instead because something just came up. Still very useful information, so thank you. :smile:

Enjoy and try that fucking dessert on my behalf. The seasonal cobbler with the whipped cream.

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And the iced coffee too.

It cuts that richness right down to size.

And that’s no fucking joke.

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Will do, @kevin. Thanks!!!

By definition, a pescatarian (or pescetarian) is a person who eats seafood but not other types of meat. Pescatarians are similar to vegetarians, but the difference is that pescatarians eat fish and shellfish in addition to an otherwise vegetarian diet. However, there is no consensus on whether a pescatarian diet includes eggs and dairy since many vegetarians consume those types of land animal products. Major vegetarian organizations, including The Vegetarian Society, do not recognize pescatarians as true vegetarians. Pescatarians believe that they can improve their health, the plight of land animals and the condition of our planet by refusing to consume meats other than seafood.