Maple Syrup Brands

What are your favorite brands of real maple syrup?

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My friends have been hooked on this Pappy Van Winkle syrup they found recently. At this price, I also think they are rationing it to special occasion pancake breakfasts. I have not had a chance to try it, but they are thrilled to have found it.

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I always choose grade B if I can find it. In Quebec, it’s amazing the various types you can get. I get this one from King Arthur.

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Noble Handcrafted (tonics 01 and 02).

Now, if I could only make pancakes at home as good as Spruce’s in sf. They make a good vieux carre, too, which makes for a decadent brunch.

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They don’t call it Grade B any more.


I double-dog dare you to Tweet and ask Mimi Sheraton for a recommendation (no, dont!):


She also hates poutine. She can go to hell. :rofl:


So now it’s all Grade A. That’s useful, isn’t it? Just further confirmation that the USDA is a bunch of whores.

The old grading system was misleading since it was just based on color. I personally liked it OK because it kept the cost of the good stuff down, but the new categories are a lot more consumer-friendly.

I think most people who enjoy poutine would agree that it’s disgusting and stultifying. That’s kind of the point.

Thanks for sharing that! So the one at King Arthur is formerly grade B.

“Very dark & strong flavor” is reportedly the former grade C.

I don’t understand the point of articles like this. And I’m surprised Mimi Sheraton would write something so juvenile. It’s like a Buzzfeeed article, but with paragraphs instead of a list.

It’s expanding on a tweet that got a lot of people angry.