Mapuches in LA!

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I ate from this truck a couple times last year when it was parked at Venice and Centinela. My experience was quite opposite of the ‘authenticity’ espoused in the LAT article. I ordered a choripan. Tasted nothing like argentine chorizo so I asked where it came from. The young Argentine lady working there (seemingly a stakeholder) said they bought it up the road at El Camaguey (mexican carniceria).

My suggestion that good Argentine chorizo could be purchased locally seemed unwelcome. When I asked ‘why Mapuche?’ (she didn’t strike me as being) she told me one of the chefs was part Mapuche. Presumably this dude.

At least they’ve gotten their spin and attendant front-man figured out. Fingers crossed they’ve made progress on the food itself.

I had the same reaction @mrgreenbeenz. We saw this truck about 3 weeks ago or so, and tried it. Their Argentinean empanadas were really bad (tasted store-bought / bland), they had some Argentinian Chicken plate we tried and it was overcooked, dry Chicken with very little unique taste (just some kind of “salsa” on top) that wasn’t anything like the flavors described in that LA Times article. We left disappointed.