Mar Vista happenings

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Our daughter is the resident boba milk tea expert. Her taste buds were set to Volcano on Sawtelle, since they were one of very few boba places in the general area. She has tried just about every boba place she has come across (Westside, some in K-town, SGV) and still considers Volcano as one of her favorites.

KC Crepes in Westchester has really good boba (the actual tapioca pearls) and good milk tea. She has tried Ekkamai Refresh three times so far and says their boba pearls are at least as good as KC Crepes (excellent taste and consistency). The actual tea used by Refresh is different too - Assam tea - she likes the deeper richer flavor profile of the actual milk tea part.

Boba + Vietnamese food sounds splendid to me (esp in the area!). Can’t wait for the banh mi…

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Thai Banh Mi??? Hmmmm…
Sounds like a word salad joke. Like the Thai Chinese Japanese I always want to open called Thai Won On

I’m all for it, as long as it tastes good. :slight_smile: Ekkamai is a solid neighborhood joint, and solid neighborhood boba and Vietnamese would be most welcome by me.

Oh. Did not notice that, it’s kind of buried in a paragraph. Darn web designers. Don’t they know nobody reads mission statements?

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Good to hear that she considers their quality good. What did she think of the QPR compared to Volcano and KC Crepes.

Refresh is much closer to me than the other two places and I go down that direction frequently for errands, this might get dangerous for me, especially if the food will be as good.

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LOL! I work with designers and marketers regularly, it’s automatic for me to look for vital info like that and provide feedback on how to improve and make more user friendly.

Designers love to make things pretty and many times form comes well before function. Marketers especially young ones are so cute with using overly flowery language. It’s just a matter of shining the light on a better way without bruising egos.

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QPR? She still has to learn the value of money! :grin:

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Seriously though - the prices are on par with or below the other places. She did mention that the cup size is quite big.

The ginger lemonade has a nice refreshing zing to it as well. It’s a nice choice for the weather right now.


Parenting fail! LOL!

Yeah, I was seriously surprised at the quality and quantity I got for $3.50.

Hanging head in shame. :pensive:

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How could I forget! I grabbed this Friday morning running errands. Bahn mi is available in very limited quantities and only one kind. $5 for a six in roll stuffed with slices of a pork roll, veggies, etc. The pork roll is made by the mom of the manager. Apparently the mom runs a Vietnamese catering company in Orange County. They also started making a Vietnamese iced coffee. Sandwich and drink was a nice Fri morning brunch on the go.

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Nice to hear. I’ll inform the kids since they are around the area. Thanks!

Louie’s of Mar Vista has revamped its menu. They made it much smaller but plan to have many more chef’s specials each day. I really dig this place. One thing that disappointed me is that they got rid of one of my favorites – a pasta dish called Hip Tang Ya Ka Mein" It had a great sauce (hip tang sauce?) and chicken sausage and more. They said they still get requests for it and might start having it as a recurring special.

Also: I’m starting to dig the Happy Hour at The Detour. Had two massive fish tacos the other day and a salad. They were nice enough to split the salad into two servings for me (it’s big) so that I could eat the rest for lunch the next day. Naturally, my son ate it as a midnight snack, but still. (Note: The salad wasn’t part of the happy hour menu.) One of the really nice things about The Detour is the vibe. They have those massive windows and so basically the whole restaurants is sort of outdoors, even though it isn’t really.


Bummer! I liked the Hip Tang too (even though I’m pretty sure they were using instant noodles lol).

Make sure you tell them next time you stop in. If enough people do, maybe they’ll keep it as a special.

On top of everything else, it was good for a hangover. (Not that I get hangovers … wink).

Has anyone tried this place? And is it a chain? One just popped up on Santa Monica Blvd. (can’t remember the exact x-street, but it’s east of Bundy). Might just try it this weekend…

It is a chain, we’ve tried it a couple of times, even waited a while for the second try to allow them to work through the inevitable opening challenges. I’d rather go to Mateo’s or Gingers if I’m craving ice cream.