Mar Vista happenings

Thanks for the Intel. Some of my daughter’s friends live close by but they haven’t tried the helados place yet.

We stopped by Ginger’s on Friday night after dinner at Tangaroa. The difference in quantity between a one-scoop order and a two-scoop order is crazy. My wife and daughter ordered one scoop each - normal size scoop for these “premium” places. Daughter’s friend and I each ordered two scoops - about three to four scoops in volume to the one-scoop order. So if you want more bang for your buck, get the two-scoop order.

I don’t understand. Who only orders one scoop of ice cream? What bizarre twillight zone world do you live in?

I order one-scoop more often than not. Gotta watch my girlish figure, y’know. :wink:

Thanks for the info about the ice cream. They have agua frescas, too, right?

@bulavinaka: hadn’t heard of Tangaroa b/f your post. What do you think of the place? Might be nice to have an alternative to SM Seafood…

Off to try Refresh for the first time today…

I know, right? My wife and daughter live in bizarro-land.

Stopped by Refresh a couple times in the last week. Thanks to all of you for the rec, because that’s a great spot. The boba is warm, bit sweet with honey and has a decent amount of chew. I’ve had both the ginger lemonade and the thai tea. @bulavinaka’s daughter is right about the black tea: very nice depth of flavor, even w/ the addition of milk/cream.

Banh mi was on-point as well, especially where most of the ones in the area are fusion-y and $$$.


What? Argh. We went today, and the sign outside said banh mi was coming soon. We shoul’ve gone in to ask.

Went to Ekkamai instead and had a lovely lunch. :slight_smile:


I think it’s still a pilot program and they have limited quantities. When you are ordering, look at the case right behind the register. If there’s rolls there, chances are you can order one, if not, then probably not. The owner and manager have said they’re concerned about the freshness of the ingredients but have to balance against waste since they’re not charging very much for the sandwich.

Got to make the sacrifice! :wink: One of my running jokes is I exercise to eat, that’s my biggest motivation for the extra workout as I’m sweating and pushing myself, I think of what I can eat as a reward :rofl:

I fell in love with my wife when she powered through a Tommy’s double chili cheese and chili cheese fries. Then her comment about ice cream was, it slips between the cracks. We are so bad for each other LOL! Another reason for our many walks around the neighborhood.