Mar Vista; more neighborhood changes

In ongoing changes, the neighborhood will now have not just one but two cheese and charcuterie shops. Kustaa, previously Wheel House, used to be the only one. Now there’ll be the Lady and the Larder.

I guess if there can be two artisinal ice cream shops, Ginger’s and Small Batch, there’s enough support for two cheese and charcuterie.

I dunno, 2 boutique ice cream shops seems more sustainable than 2 cheese and charcuterie places, although I have no idea why I think that. For some reason, I imagine ice-cream flavors rotating out more quickly than, say, cured meats.

Thanks for the updates.

Google’s coming - Prepare for the onslaught of boutique bodegas, polypilates, and boatloads of Blue Bottle baristas.

Little Fatty is expanding into the space next door to Accomplice Bar, and a sausage/beer place is opening a couple doors down.

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Great news!