March 2018 Weekend Rundown

I must say that I really enjoy the pizzas at Savoy Kitchen. Especially the smoked duck pizza.

It reminds of a gourmet haute cuisine Mama Celeste frozen pie.

And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Seriously.

Please say they don’t use housing sauce. Smoking the duck gets serious points.

No hoisin. That would be too, uhh, alembicated for Mama Celeste.

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Amor Y Tacos (Cerritos)
I really need to come here more often. We ordered an assortment of items. The mole tots are always fantastic…layers and layers of flavors hitting my palate. The chile mango margaritas was a delightful cocktail.

Not pictured: calamari, elote, house salad, chicken tortilla soup, and carnitas enchiladas. Also a pineapple auga fresca. All were delicious.


Mole tots are indeed awesome.

It’s especially awesome because it’s something you feel compelled to eat with a spoon.

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I plead guilty, deluxe style.

Would you believe me that the bowl was brought to the table with the spoon already in it? I swear that’s what happened.
The mole here is truly a gift…complex in flavor and balanced so that no component overwhelms another component. We finished the whole bowl between the two of us.
The special this weekend is a pozole made with pork and Hatch chiles…if there had been more room on our table, we’d have tried it.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Fries at Mr. Fries Man. Boy was that good…


Johnnie’s Pastrami.

And E thinks Gjusta is overpriced. This place is disgusting. I ate pickles.


Dim Sum at China Red last Sunday. Only a 5 min wait at 11am. Everything was good, wrapper a touch heavy on the har gow. Very good Portuguese egg tarts. Great alternative to Sea Harbor.


Somehow ended up at Burger Parlor in Fullerton tonight. Kaliburger and BBQ burger. It’s probably the best burger you can get in this neck of the woods…pure, simple, super beefy…and all the accoutrements support and enhance the burger rather than masking it in flavor.

Not pictured: Pepper steak burger (lettuce-wrapped…sacrilege, yes, but I’m cutting carbs), fries, and a couple of milkshakes (ordered by the husband and the kid). It was delicious.


Those tater tots make life worth living.

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Garlic fries and clam chowder at Crocker’s The Well Dressed Frank.

No onion rings today for me. I may have used up all my will power for the rest of year.

Had to venture out to Claremont for a soccer match. The kid needed sustenance after a superb game in the rain…Dino’s Chicken & Burgers happened to be in the plaza right before the 10 to go home.
I had him try the chicken and fries plate. The chicken was good, and those fries soaking that sauce…was delish. He thought it was an excellent post-match snack.


I always ask for “extra juice”. :yum:

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I have a total weakness for their coleslaw burger.

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Good to know for next time…and also @ipsedixit’s coleslaw burger.

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I’ve got the Mozza monkey on my back. Second time this week.


Cochinita pibil at Chichen Itza. So good as always.

Lately I’ve been addicted to the asada nachos from La Esperanza in Torrance. I added the chopped up Serrano and habanero at home.


These two pix alone totally convince me that I’m in the right part of the world.