March 2021 Rundown

La Morra Pizzeria

patate - yukon golds, raclette, rosemary, panna, black pepper, parmigiano
add sausage - mind blown


On the dot.

Holy geezus that looks amazing! What’s it the little portion control container?

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hi @A5KOBE,

it’s roasted garlic dip, it comes with every pizza, but you’ll want to order extra :heart::blush::heart:


Señor Sol northridge. They are the predecessor to Las Fuentes. Some tacos (machaca, asada, asada with cheese, and carnitas) and seriously topped taquitos. Sorry for the crappy photos.

So, looking for a scenic place to park, I headed to the CSUN campus. As I turn in there are cones and I can’t find a place to make a u-turn.

The traffic people at the front are there and I open up my window and tell the guy: “hey I made a wrong turn I need to make a U-turn.” He says “you can’t here, go down that way and tell them you wanna exit.” So there’s a median and there’s no place to turn around, and it leads us right into the fucking Covid testing or vaccination line.

Cars sandwiched on each side, and the median between us so I’m stuck. 40 minutes in a stupid line so that I can exit.

When I got to the front you should’ve heard the expletives rolling off my tongue. Of course of the four lines, mine moved the slowest. Finally at the exit, one of the guys I complained to said that I’m not the first person they did this too and they’ve been telling them to stop sending people this way when they need to just exit.

Dining here was not nearly as enjoyable as parking and dining at the funeral home a couple of weeks ago.


Hotaru ika, Kiriko Sushi…


Tasty Noodle House on Sawtelle

Forgot this was just mentioned in the ROC thread.

Once again, showered in dumpling juice. I punctured a hole first with a chopstick so the juice would mostly go in my mouth, yet still managed to spray the top of my head and interior roof of the car. LOL!

Sorry for the crappy photos. Taken at night in a dimly lit car.


Is this the place in the old Clusi Batusi space?

Don’t know.

It appears not. Different addresses.

The old Restaurant 2117 (which is also the address). In the same strip mall w/ Seoul Tofu, Kimikatsu, and the okonomiyaki place.

I went several yrs ago fairly shortly after it had opened. Not sure if the quality has remained the same, but it was def good back then (edit: but VERY “heavy”). Would def be my preference over, say, the West LA Northern Cafe (but Northern is w/i walking distance for me, and I think the portions are smaller, which is not a bad thing in this case).

Lemonade took over the old Clusi space. Lemonade has closed, and I’m not sure if anything has yet taken its place.


Kaz took over the Lemonade spot - nothing to write home about.

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Thanks for the update. Decent enough if nearby? Can’t think of another place in that area to get soba (but also haven’t really looked).

Tasty Noodle House has been in the Restaurant 2117 space since 2017.

Agree that the Kaz Soba place that occupies Clusi Batusi (and most recently Lemonade) is meh.


too bad was looking forward to having good soba near by esp during the summer.

Had it the other night. Loved. Clipped off the tip of the pepper and dripped the tangy, briny juice on top. :hearts:

Got the Pepperoni too… did the same thing.

…and the Tricolore


No sh_t. I saved my cornicione & garlic sauce for anchovy crostini, but turned my back too long and both cornicione & garlic sauce were gone… “Honey!”


They owed you a vaccine. :wink:

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hi @TheCookie

Somebody owes you a garlic-anchovy crostini.

I did the same thing and opened up the “good stuff” aka the stuff I forgot about in the back of the fridge.


Was it so good? :hearts::blush::hearts:


Haven’t had it often enough (or recently enough) to say how good it is, but Takuma usually has it on the menu (I think).