March 2024 Rundown

Spring is right around the corner! Happy dining!

Got in line at 10:29AM, and scored a filet-o-hash…
#FishyFridays @ShamrockMarch


Wow. Limited edition cup and everything!

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Saw on Insta that East Garden in Chinatown has a $9 combo breakfast for steamed rice rolls and congee, and they do, until 5p!

Angle on the pics hides how large the rice rolls are. Perfect, this will be my new steamed rice roll spot. Took the congee home, too much carb for one person.
My other rice roll trick in the neighborhood is that ABC seafood’s takeout counter has them on weekend mornings sometimes.

Scallop aguachile at Holbox
Someone else got the uni, which looks great – next time !!


Little Fish

Fish Congee. Tasty lots of flavor. Not much fish in my bowl. Will have to try the fish sandwich for lunch.


New Mapo Tofu at Cassia, broth was earthy, a little funky, and spicy. Wood ear mushrooms excellent.


Folks Pizzeria in Costa Mesa


I know they do the “charred” crust but that seems pretty burnt to me, was it good?


AYEE Rice Noodles Roll, on the border of City of Industry and Rowland Heights, is that most Chowhound of places: A Chaozhou cheung fun/breakfast specialist located in, you guessed it, a mostly Chinese mini-mall in Rowland Heights…

It was busy as heck when I approached the front door. Once inside, the room was a bustling scene of multigenerational Chinese families, gleefully partaking in various traditional Southern Chinese rice and soy-based dishes in all their glory. Service was friendly and efficient.

I ordered three dishes representative of the menu and the genre, and each one was spectacular. The steamed rice roll with prawn and corn came piping hot, a beautifully braided creation. Its shape was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also really contributed well to the bite itself - The texture of this cheung fun alone was really enticing, almost addicting; soft on the outside, and firmer as one continues to bite down. Huge bite!!! I think it’s quite a bit better than its counterpart served in so many other yumcha joints throughout L.A. Next, the classic lean pork and preserved egg jook with white pepper just hit it out of the park. This is as authentic a jook as Asia can offer (but I supposed I really shouldn’t be surprised experiencing it here). And lastly, the gentle, elegant tofu silk with brown sugar and ginger syrup capped off a tremendous breakfast at AYEE Rice Noodles Roll.


Thanks for the report. I was wondering about that place when I went to eat at S&W

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The crust is delicious but we wish it wasn’t as big so we’d get more pizza.


Tan Cang Newport Seafood in Santa Ana. Why are there 2 locations 1 mile apart? Everything was delicious. We ordered everything. Lobster. Loc lac beef. Duck. King pao chicken. Mayo shrimp. Salt n pepper shrimp and squid. Pea shoots. Another veggie. 2 types of soup. Fried rice. Dry beef chow fun. Went through 5 bottles of wine. The bone dry German Riesling was the best.


Doin’ it right. That’s good eating.

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The OG Tan Cang on First is the one that started it all. thanks to its popularity they opened one on Bolsa that used to be a “you buy we fry” type of place, and you buy we fry included lobster stir fried the “Tan Cang” way.

So lots of families used to order take out lobster from the Bolsa location. Then sometime in the 00’s they took out all the market stuff and added tables and turned it into a normal restaurant.


The other one is a knock off

Thankfully we went to the OG spot on 1st St in the same plaza as Trieu Chau.

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That looks amazing!
Not that it matters much if I make the drive but, how was the pricing? One website shows the steamed rice rolls at about $10 - and the portion does look very generous… Does that about right?


The Queen of Mariscos in LA? La Guerrerense popup at Damian!!!



Mori Nozomi is a wonderful new addition to the L.A. sushi omakase scene, and a worthy successor to the previous chefs in that location. My meal last night was superb - Full writeup is forthcoming…

UPDATE: My pictorial essay has been posted.


the cheese store of beverly hills

got unverified max’fluenced and added mortadella to the la zucca. delicious.

la zucca - crispy zucchini, basil pesto, ricotta, lemon artichoke tapenade add mortadella

the dom - 24 month aged prosciutto di parma, burrata, sun-dried tomatoes

le gourmand - house-roasted turkey, triple créme, maple onion confit


One of my happy places. :hearts:

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