Marea at Beverly Hills Spring Place 6/13-6/15

According to the LA Weekly. Found this release on the Spring Place website. Surprised nobody is talking about this. Would have went if this was on another weekend.


one of my favorite meals in NYC

Is this one of those sites you need an actual computer for? I click on all the links and end up on the membership page or a page that tells me that I’m not on the guest list so I’m SOL.

I don’t think so. The site loaded on my phone fine. Here is a screenshot I took off the page

I clicked on reserve your table and it led me to a page where I selected Beverly Hills. Then it took me to this…

Which led me to this when I clicked on the event name…

And when I entered my E-mail address, I got this…

It’s towards the bottom of the first page you screenshot, you need to email for reservations.