Mariscos El Chapo - San Bernardino

This awesome and cheap place is hidden in the back corner of a nondescript mall at Highland and Sterling. Inadequate or nonexistent A/C, so we were lucky to be seated in front of the fan.

cerveza preparada y consommé del Chapo

They start you off with a free glass of delicious hot broth with some shrimp. I’ve never had anything like this, it’s very spicy and tart. Piling shrimp on the beer makes no sense to me but I didn’t order or drink it.

The marlin taco was in a fresh, handmade flour tortilla. The fish was hardly smoky at all, very delicate and moist, tortilla was superior.

Tostada al pulpo was excellent and classic. It makes more sense to get a cóctel since the tostada (not house-made but first-rate for packaged) gets soggy, but we were planning another stop or two so didn’t want to eat too much.

Pepino especial was also very good, a light and refreshing way to present tasty spicy shrimp.

Prices were absurdly low for the quality. I felt like I was in Ensenada. This place is right off the 210 so an easy stop if you’re passing through. Open 10-10 seven days.

The web site is surprisingly slick given how funky the place is.

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