Market Tavern - OG Farmers Market

I want to throw this place in as a contender for Covid era dining given the large outdoor areas.

It is looking like 3 days in a row of visiting the place for me with different folks and it’s a good option that gets quite cozy when the sun sets.

Food looks good though I haven’t ordered anything yet but have it eyes on the full English. Pricy but whatever, maybe this will finally be a concept that lasts in this location.

Absolute sin to have a supposed English pub without a cottage/ shepherd’s pie. In fact it’s a mixed concept spot with pasta and pizza etc

A great drinking spot though. Will enjoy while we are still here. Maybe this is what it’s best for as I’m not too into $31 (€NB) Fish and Chips


it will last because the Market itself is running it (just as they do EB’s and 626 inside the Market)

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What’s EB’s?

It’s one of the bars located inside the Market (there are two). You can actually grab a beer or glass of wine from there and drink it anywhere in the Market— while shopping or eating food from any of the restaurants.

Yes I do that from 626 of course. Didn’t know the name of the other bar.

Been meaning to check this place out. It’s Brendan Collins so the pub food should be good.