Marlin Tacos / Smoked Fish Tacos

I’ve been having fierce cravings for Marlin Tacos lately. My favorite has been the Marlin Taco at the Ocean 97/Mariscos Nine Seas truck in South Park, which has been sold off and rebranded as Mariscos a la 57. I am reading from multiple sources that Mariscos a la 57 is entirely different, and not in a good way. I’d give them a try, but I am deliberately leaving the house very rarely, so each meal I actually leave for needs to not suck.

So… where are YOU going for the best smoked fish tacos (marlin or tuna or whatev) in San Diego?

Have you tried the Kiko’s taco trucks?

There is one at the top of the Texas St. hill, corner of Monroe. The other is in the parking lot of the Del Mesa liquor store on Friars Rd, across from the golf course. It’s on their menus as “marlyn”

This truck has good business for a good reason. I haven’t personally had the “marlyn” there, but DD has uniquely excellent taste when it comes to Mexican food, and so I’d say that’d be the place (or the other one) to head to for your marlin taco fix.

The liquor store is also directly across the street from Peabody’s. Easy access and there’s loads of parking.

Thanks Doc and DD! I’ve been to Kiko’s and am a fan. Never tried the taco de “marlyn” there but if DD vouches for it, that’s as good of a suggestion as I could probably hope for.

I’m a big fan of Mariscos German in north county but think they have trucks south too. Also Kiko’s, Oscar’s and TJ Oyster Bar. Most of these places offer smoked tuna and not marlin. I like Nine Seas too, bummer they’re no more.

Hmmmm… Now you have me wondering if “marlyn” is to marlin as (vegetarian) “chik’n” is to chicken…

(I’ve had some chik’n that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing: look, taste, texture, firmness, juiciness, smell, etc.)

But, OP will be happy with smoked tuna, if that’s what “maryln” is.

If you go, let us know what you think.