Marrakech recs?

We don’t have an Africa board do we @robert? Anyway, anybody have Marrakech recs? I have a friend going there and he specifically asked: can you ask your “food board" where to eat?


Dusk at Djemma el-Fnaa is a wonderful spectacle, and offers street food galore to try.

Moroccan cuisine: Prepare to eat lots of couscous (often in tagine) and bestilla, on heavy rotation. Bint ar-rimad (spelling?) is a local specialty. End the meal with a high pour of hot mint tea.


Lolol is there any place you haven’t been? Seriously where are your travel weak spots?!?


Now we have an Africa board.

Judging by my cookbooks, there’s way more to Moroccan cuisine(s) than the usual tourist dishes, but I wouldn’t know where to start looking for the places that serve them.

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I’ve never been but on a text thread an acquaintance provided these recommendation to another friends ask

  • Dar Yacout for dinner in the Medina
  • Al Fassia is a great restaurant for dinner
  • Le Fondouk for dinner
  • le jardin for lunch in the Medina
  • La Mamounia for drinks and the croque monsieur

Anyone aside from @J_L been? @J_L aside from food any to do recs?

Thinking about going for 3 days in march is that enough time?

The Atlas Mountains beckon nearby. Definitely spend one night in a kasbah, if you are there. #RockThatKasbah


I haven’t been in a few years, but here are a few favorites

La Cour des Lions
Le Petit Cornichon
Al Fassia Guéliz
Dar Yacout (Some people say overrated, but a fun experience)
Dar Marjana
Bacha Coffee
Nomad Marrakech
Café Des Épices
Chez Lamine Hadj Mustapha Jemaa El Fna (I usually get the entire head)
Le Salama
Naranj Libanese


Beef tangia from our riad doesn’t look like much but was a highlight of the trip

Local bread i think it’s called batabout freshly made and piping hot doused in butter from a roadside stand popping with local workers on the edge of the Medina. Highlight

Lamb liver from chez fromage. Best liver I’ve probably ever eaten. Served with loubia and bread. Can’t say more just :star_struck: wow

Chez Lamine jama Al fnaa got the front shoulder and ribs he said it was 2-4 people and wouldn’t sell it to me because I was eating for one lol I bought it and ate basically the whole thing. If anyone goes you should choose your cut it seems like they were giving tourists all the bad cut. Also get the mint tea this thing was so fatty and unctuous that eating it without anything to cut the fat becomes hard after awhile.

Nomad great views but the food was just ok. Solid but not amazing definitely catering to the tourists.

Sabhi sabhi newest hot restaurant in town located in gueliz. Hard to get reservation great vibes and refined cooking that still has local flavor. Highlights were the pigeon pastilla and rabbit tagine.

No photos but barometre served amazing and fun cocktails

Amal women’s center solid food and a great cause they help train under privileged women and give them skills in the culinary industry

Local sandwiches they were ok

Sfenj local donut tasted like a youtiao

Local loubia at a roadside stand served with mint tea so good.