Martin's Potato Rolls (an annual quest)

I know that this question has come up routinely in the past (particularly on that other board). But times change – or not.

Just back from a trip to the northeast with my bag of Martin’s Potato Rolls in carry-on. So the subject is on my mind again.

I’ve noticed that several LA area burger joints now boast about their use of Martin’s rolls including both Belcampo and Shake Shack. I am ignorant about the food service industry but how are they getting these when nobody in LA seems to sell them? Neither are large enough chains that they have dedicated suppliers trucking them to LA, you’d think.

Anyone know how a mere mortal can buy Martin’s here in LA without opening a restaurant or dragging them onto carry on? (I know you can order them online but that gets pretty pricey.)

I googled it. A Chowhound post came up. Looks like only mail order.