Martin's Potato Rolls

Anyone know where I can score some in the greater LA area, 15-20 miles maximum? TYIA

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They’re not at restaurant depot I can tell you that much.


According to their webpage no distributor within 100 miles of 91311…

The loading dock at Shake Shack


So any thoughts on what would be a reasonable facsimile for Martin’s Potato Rolls? Are other supermarket-available potato rolls vastly inferior? Or other favorite “squishy” hamburger buns?

I really like the brioche hamburger and hot dog buns they have at Whole Foods and Sprouts.

I just Googled these since I was curious on what makes them special, and found that apparently sells them and will ship them to you. You could always freeze the extras to use later.

Apparently Walmart has a marketplace now, like Amazon. But seriously at these prices I’ll just go to shake shack.

Well, if I’m reading this right, you get 32 rolls for $26. That’s not outrageous.

Aka 1/6th the price of a shack burger. And you have to use 32 of them or else your per unit cost is even higher.

I was trying to help the OP. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I mean, what if this is for a cookout or something?

OP must really like his/her friends. My friends get Costco commodity buns.

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I do!

Is this one of you? I’ve seen it all now. This is a closed group on Facebook for people trading Monkish cans for other beers.

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I mean, it’s a reasonable request since the only distribution to the westcoast is via internet, 48 rolls at a time (8x6pkg).

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That shipping cost is outrageous.

I think from a trade/monetary standpoint it’s certainly reasonable. Just find it funny that people are posting trades on a beer forum for Martin’s potato rolls.

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it appears Martin no longer sells potato rolls direct online…

anyone got a new lead for 2020? HTF is Love Hour doing it.

I’m idiot. Carry on.

They sell them out here at Wegmans lol Maybe I should start a business?

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we can work out a trade - frozen dumplings for matin potato rolls.

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It’s been a bit since I’ve been… but I think Standings was selling them at one point…


I didn’t go to complete the checkout but is this wrong? Or is the quantity more than you want?