Marugame Monzo for Udon

I don’t get to DTLA as often as I used to, but recently I went to this Little Tokyo spot for some cold udon and shrimp tempura for lunch. Tasty and filling.

It was a favorite of many of us back in the Chowhound days.

If you do a search on Chowhound, you’ll see that J.L. (or is it J_L_) did a terrific pictorial essay on the place.


I had a great lunch there in March seated right in front of the noodle-making station. It was a really hot day so I had them cold with mentaiko and shizo, good though could have added more mentaiko. Great texture. Pickled ginger tempura was great. Short walk from the subway.

One of my favorites in the area, and the lines outside Daikokuya make it easy to locate!

I forgot to post about my lunch there last month. I think mine was a special with wakame and spicy pork, great flavors but the stuff didn’t stick to the noodles very well. I don’t remember what my friend ordered but it had a lot of bonito.