Mary's Free Range Chicken

Anywhere I might be able to find this chicken cheaper?

I’m spending about $20 each time.

Maple Block serves half a chicken for $16. I think it’s still Mary’s. But @TheCookie had a recent subpar experience with her bird from there. And I think $16 turns pretty fast to $20+ at MB.

Thank you for your reply. I want it RAW. I want to cook it myself. THis is what I am paying at whole foods and erewhon. More at erewhon.

Yea their free range are pricy. I think it’s less at Puritan chicken where i get all my birds. But i usually get their nice fryers at 2.59/lb. Always great.

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Where is Puritan Chicken? Thanks for the info. The chicken is AWESOME. I cannot do Foster Farms anymore. Too many horrible experiences. So I am wiliing to pay more…but…

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Hi @Luluthemagnificent -

I was wondering if you might have been asking about raw, and see that question has been answered.

Can I make a confession? As much as I :heart: organics I try to avoid buying Mary’s or any organic chicken at the market. It doesn’t have as much flavor as the vegetarian fed, free-range chicken. I thought it was just me. But I mentioned it to a WF’s butcher and he said I was correct. Maybe it’s too lean? Anyway, I am drawn to Mary’s in restaurants, because it seems to be the only alternative to conventially raised chicken. And when cooked right it can be delicious.

Thanks for the shoutout @bulavinaka. I saw this earlier. But was working on a little food project of my own… will report later :wink:.

Cluck, cluck :chicken:


It’s in the Original Farmer’s Market

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P.S. I will keep my eyes open for a good price on Mary’s.

Farmer’s Market by the Grove… marconda is the butcher, their chicken butcher is puritan… the ones i get come out to about 11-12 for 4.5 lb birds… well worth it.

I think people need to calm down about Mary’s. It’s just another brand… Yes, it’s not Fosters or Tyson but it’s a very large operation now… perhaps the free range ones are much better… i dont know. … markup isnt’ worth it for me.

What chicken are you buying?

Hi @Luluthemagnificent -

At WF’s I get whatever whole chicken they’re offering in the butcher case. But typically I get these economy packs in a case near their butcher counter.

They come in a big pack that is perforated into smaller packs of about 4 servings of 3 pieces. It’s cool, because you can split the packs and freeze some. Sometimes they don’t have Smart, but will have a comparable brand. But if you really like Mary’s they also sell them in the packs.

Ralphs is also selling some pretty good free-range and organic meats as well.

Side bar - The only difference is one is organic and one is not. The organic chickens are vegetarian-fed and typically free range as well. There’s just some thing about the way the organics are raised and fed that makes them not as flavorful :thinking:. Oh yeah… and they’re more expensive.

Smart Chicken is pretty good, I always get whole though, Vicente foods usually have them in Brentwood

I hear ya’. I try to stay away from the “humane” issue on FTC. Since I almost caused a riot on the Cafe Gratitude thread. But I’ve seen too many videos of how conventially raised chickens and pigs live. If it’s not an issue of animal welfare that bothers some, it’s an issue of sanitation and disease, hence all the antibiotics needed to get them ready for your dinner table. I like to eat out too much to restrict myself to only eating organics and free-range, blah, blah. But we all do our best :relaxed:.

Good to know. They’re harder to find at WF since they’ve started to sell their own packaged brands.

Trader Joes has Organic Chicken that appears to be sourced from Mary’s. Trader Joes has a “Grill Pack” that is identical to the Mary’s “Grill Pack” that I get at Sprouts.


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Ok, thanks everyone will check these places out. Sprouts, TJs and farmers market. Also, please post if you see these chickens on sale anywhere. Thanks

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Hmmm, curious as to how it is possible to keep free range chickens vegetarian fed? Aren’t chickens supposed to roam around freely, scratching at the ground, pecking at bugs, worms, and other vegetation (and sometimes pebbles)? I wonder how they’re kept from eating the bugs?

Good point. What a smarty you are. I think the vegetarian-fed label is to assuage people’s fear of this.

“The ‘animal by-products’ that pop up in ingredient lists in various animal feeds can include blood, same-species meat, feathers, rendered road kill, and euthanized dogs and cats (1).”

Grubs, bugs and such are good for chickens and probably make the meat tastier :grinning:.

Sorry if I grossed you folks out. But knowledge - while inconvenient at times - can be a good thing :relaxed:.

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George Carlin had a great skit on euphemisms and ‘soft language’.

I really dislike all these ridiculous labels these days.

“Organic, free range, vegetarian-fed, non-anti-biotic, no hormone, air-chilled, bearded, sleeve tatted, flannel wearing chickens!..only $25 per pound!”

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