Mas' Chinese Islamic Restaurant (Anaheim): A Pictorial Essay

Mas’ does Chinese-style halal meats, noodles and breads right. Tasty stuff. The knife-cut noodles are satisfyingly thick and chewy, and the beef stews are full of flavor and beef tendon. The tofu omelette was superb. Even the vegetables, from the pea tendrils to the eggplant, are done deliciously. My only regret that night was not having enough space for the lamb with pickled vegetables… We had TONS of leftovers for the next day.


Mas’ Chinese Islamic Restaurant
601 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801


Wow, in fucking OC ???

Hey man, you’re spending a lot of fucking time up there.

Is everything OK ???

btw, do they serve those minced lamb stuffed pancakes in the vein of Omar’s in the SGV or Beijing Pie House ???

THanks man.

Looks amazing.

JL - do you know if there are any clothing restrictions on women? I heard back in the day that women had to wear both long pants and long shirts. Just wondering if you noticed anything like that when dining recently?

I like Mas’. My barber recommended them to me back in Spring, so I checked them out. I think they provide a pretty good value, too. I had the whole duck and enjoyed it. Also got the noodles with lamb, and while it was good, I found the flavors a little muted.

If I lived closer to Anaheim, it would probably be a semi-regular joint for me, but I’ve also eaten at Silk Road Garden and found the flavors to be stronger and more to my liking. Mas’ definitely has a larger menu, though, and the ambiance is pretty nice.

Thanks for the pictorial review!

This particular halal restaurant seems quite tolerant of secular dress codes. On the night I went, I saw lots of women with bare shoulders and no hair coverings. But of course, there were also many large families, many Indonesian and Pakistani, where the women were attired more conservatively.

Everyone got the same good service.

Impressive Noodles

While they obviously don’t serve alcohol there, The Bruery is right down the street. I’m just sayin’.


That sesame and green onion bread looks delicious.

Sesame bread makes some great sandwiches.

Went there this weekend and thought it was just ok. I thought everything on the menu was on the expensive side. We didn’t order the spicy eggplant or the beef stew.

The famous thin sesame bread with free onion was $12. They actually forgot to put in the order so we never got it but seems expensive for what is essentially a green onion pancake.

The pea shoots were very nice with lots of garlic.

The knife cut noodles themselves were al dente and had a great chew. The dish was a bit bland, just not very flavorful overall and had to douse with some of the chili oil sauce.

The best dish of the night was the beef with green onion - similar to a mongolian type beef. The beef was nice and there were copious amounts of green onion.

My biggest gripe is them charging us $3 for white rice. It’s not about the money but they should just price this into the cost of food. Being charged for white rice at Chinese restaurants makes me feel weird. I’m sure there are others that do this and the price of rice has been going up but still.

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Interesting, almost every Chinese place I’ve been to recently have charged for rice. That’s Chinese-American places on the Westside to Chinese-Chinese places in SGV.

Have you had the thin sesame bread with green onions there before? It’s not just a scallion pancake. Here’s a shot from Yelp:

Whether it’s worth $12 is for you to decide, but it’s not a small amount of food.

Concur. This delicious scallion & sesame bread (not pancake) is one of the MAIN reasons for going to this place.

Never had it. We ordered it and they forgot to put the order in. It was the one item we were most anticipating. I’m just not sure we’d go back just for the bread.

I probably wouldn’t make a special drive (from the Westside) just for the bread, but when we used to have Disneyland passes, we always made sure to buy an order or three before we left the area. It freezes well too.

I live equidistant between Mas Islamic and the various Chinese places in the Rowland Heights vicinity. It’s approximately 15-20 minutes in either direction. It’s more likely we opt for Earthen, Chegdu Taste, Noodle 101, Newport Seafood, Noodle House, etc… I’m sure there are also a bunch of places we’ve never been to that add to the ever growing list of Chinese in Rowland Heights.

The things I have eaten with leftover sesame bread. :grin:

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The problem is there are no places in Rowland Heights that has sesame scallion bread in the Chinese Islamic style.

In fact, in SoCal between Ma’s and China Islamic (Rosemead) your choices are zilch and none.


And I think Ma’s is superior to CI.

love this place. aside from the scallion sesame pancake, the two must have are the lamb w scallions and the beef tripe (with i think sour cabbage). whenever we go, we get 2 orders of each for our family of 6. and have minimal leftovers.

I like that they have shacha sauce preparations of dishes. Shacha lamb on white rice, mmm.