Master Class: The easiest way to burnt Basque cheesecake

It’s funny that he doesn’t have La Viña’s recipe. They gave us a DVD that included it. The chef said he uses Philadelphia, so cream cheese without gums won’t give the same results.

Video of the chef demonstrating it:

I saw that LAT article and want to try that version. Interesting in how it shows the chef’s thought process even if as you say -he could have watched the DVD.

Btw the recipe in the video is different that the TT recipe

It’s pretty close, isn’t it?

Little differences can have a big effect in a simple recipe.

7 eggs instead of 5. less flour. he says 1 to 1.5 T which is more like 15-20 grams

baking temp 210c not 200

sugar 400 g not 350

500 ml instead of 480

no salt.

in the video he mentions wetting the parchment which is crumbled in a ball before being fitted to the frame.

American eggs are probably bigger.

I lived just outside of San Sebastian and don’t recall the eggs being abnormally small.

It’s a common issue with Italian pasta recipes.

A friend gave us a piece of cheesecake from the cult Basuku popup. Excellent but quite similar to homemade.

The Serious Eats recipe:

(An aside, but does anyone know where Stella Parks is/what she’s doing? I miss her SE contributions.)