Master Ha, Ktown - no mess Ganjang Geajang

Came here craving for Sul Lung Tang but changed my mind after noticing the boss’ friend ordered the Ganjang Geajang (marinated raw crab).

Very good kimchis; nice thick and flavorful seasoning just the way I like it. The gaejang also comes with a couple of raw soy sauce cured shrimp, very tasty.

The gaejang arrives ready shelled over rice accompanied by microgreens, powdered seaweed and topped with a quail egg for extra sliminess. No need to get your hands dirty, perfect when you have a hankering for gaejang but don’t want to gross out your date :grin:.



I thought the spicy ox-bone SulLungTang was a bit bland, not enough umami. But the brisket is out of this world good.

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Perfect timing on this thread as I’m thinking about taking my mom there. She’s been to Soban many times so I’m looking to mix things up.

Does anyone know if they have galbi jim regularly now? It appears to be on the menu but Yelp reports suggest they’re always out.

I don’t think they serve galbijim

Oh shoot. I just assumed it was the Master Ha’s Special Boiled Beef. Do you know what that dish is?

Sooyook, but with beef (not pork belly)

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Yup, it’s sooyook and it’s great.

I asked them a couple of weeks ago about their galbi jjim and they said it was coming in a couple of months. Should be good as they use premium quality beef.

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Ohhh gotcha. Thanks all!

Friend decided to treat me (!) to beef short rib soup from Master Ha. Friend ordered, and I picked up from her. She walked it over to a planter near her residence, and then I picked up so we could stay 6 feet apart. Hah!

I’ve never been before but would have no hesitation to go once the pandemic is over (or to order to-go at any time).

Not sure how many orders this was; if it was only one, it’s gigantic and way more than enough for 2 people. Order was beautifully sealed and packed, although the flimsy plastic containers made it difficult to rip off the seal without near-spillage.

The broth is EXCELLENT; deeply savory without being overly fatty. The meat was very tender. Jujubees were an unexpected surprise. Broth was also chock full of mushrooms. Ingredient quality is a step up from what I was expecting (esp given the prices listed on the menu).

Enjoyed the banchan, but the perilla leaf (had to look that up from @Chowseeker1999’s review) is… weird. Funky, a bit sour, a bit… minty? Not unpleasant, but def a new taste for me.


Some people like to wrap that around warm rice but that is definitely an acquired taste.

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Ahhhh. That flavor combo makes sense. Will try it next time. :slight_smile: