Mastro's, Beverly Hills

where is one supposed to sit here ??? for the full on expierence ???

I have seemingly forgot.

Thanks guys.

For what you’d like: I suggest the Penthouse.

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This confirms Kevin’s “memory lapses” are fake and he’s just trolling.

Stop feeding the troll.


Sit down the street at Wolfgang’s.

It’s a serious question. I couldn’t quite remember if it had been discussed before because some have said the exerpience is better, depending on where you sit.

For instance, if one is visiting a sushi bar, one would generally like to be seated at said sushi bar, and even more specific, the grub and experience when visiting Matsuhisa is much better I’ve heard when sitting in the intimate tempura room (even if one is not consuming tempura) over the main sushi bar and it goes without saying of course over the fucking tables.

I’m not sure what you mean by trolling.

I would especially for that schlag and the Porterhouse, but I’m being treated and we have to go to Mastro’s.

and that’s seriously no fucking joke.

That’s BS and you know it

Anyone who wants to respond to Kevin’s Mastro’s threads go ahead. Just consider the ramifications to your personal and professional life if your alias was hacked and your responses made public.

This is my last time responding to these threads.