Maude - Beverly Hills

@PorkyBelly gave a dish with beans 4 peacocks?! That musta been some damn good abalone!




definitely the :crab:


It was the most delicious and tender abalone, complimented by a very smoky clam juice/foam. Amazing dish!


What was the intel on Aitor? I hope he makes a return to non-private/event dining.

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I was told he has a “place” now.


Peony: I like it more than last visit. I feel their food is more elevated than last time. I look forward to our next visit.

Warrior: Good dishes from start to finish. I like the pretty, old-fashioned plates. I’m disappointed that they eliminated the $500 wine pairing, which was my favorite thing about the restaurant on past visits. A few wines on the $250 pairing tonight were special, but others were merely “good” and lacked compelling character. I agree with Peony that tonight’s food was better than on our pre-pandemic visits, but there has been a drop-off in the wine program. I miss the old region-specific wine menu as well. (Although they dropped the quarterly regional food menu format, obviously tonight’s menu was Mexican-inspired.). 7.3 Warrior Points.

(The menu is mistaken on at least one wine. The Sancerre from Alphonse Mellot was the “Satellite” bottling; I’m not sure on vintage.)

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Thank you for posting. I think Maude has become quite excellent, and our last meal there was exquisite.
By the way, Alphonse Mellot Satellite is probably a nicer (and certainly a bit more expensive) wine than La Moussiere they have on the menu.

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Thanks for your note. Alphonse Mellot is my favorite producer of sauvignon blanc in the Loire Valley. The Satellite was my third favorite wine of the night. Not complaining, just record keeping.

dying to find out what were the wines that you liked as #1 and #2

7.3 points here vs 7.8 at Manzke. Curious!

I just asked Peony: Maude or Manzke? She answered Manzke. “The level of cooking is higher.” I agree. We have remarkably similar tastes considering our dissimilar backgrounds.

Wine #1 for me was the Saint Joseph blanc (100% marsanne). It was aromatically profound but not decadent and ponderous like many Northern Rhone whites. Wine #2 (more surprising) was the Alto Adige gewurtztramimer. We’ve drunk several Alsace gewurtztraminers recently, and while we love the varietal’s aromatics, they’ve all been too sweet for us. It was refreshing to drink a dry, almost steely, but still beautifully floral gewurtztraminer.

I should also say: I may have appreciated the Sancerre better earlier in the meal. One of the missteps of the meal for me was a course of delicate cheese mousse and acidic Sancerre blanc served after a course of duck and big, fruity pinot.

This is the best restaurant in Los Angeles.

Penoy: Please see the below pictures from our recent visit. Really impressive! The food has elevated so much compared to last year!


Their menu is $215pp now it seems. This is timely as I was considering Maude or Kali for an upcoming birthday for my partner.

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Peony: I’m so happy to know you find the update useful! Here are pictures of the menu- I hope you find them useful, too!

We like both Maude and Kali, too. For your reference, we preferred our recent meal in Maude much more than our recent meal in Kali. We also learned from Maude’s staff that they had a significant personnel change in the past year or so. Maybe that explained the recent improvement in their menu design and execution.


Photos and menu from a recent visit. Seems like the menu is continually evolving. Really enjoyed our meal here and appreciate the chef’s cultural influence coming through in the menu. Final plated dessert with apple, caramel, and mole was a big hit! Some well matched pairings, was surprised how well the sake complemented the spiny lobster and aguachile rojo.


Really impressive!