Maude - Beverly Hills

Back open


They are no longer doing the single-ingredient or wine region; instead, “Today after rediscovering all the treasures our beautiful states has to offer during the pandemic, Chef Curtis and his culinary team will now create a menu focused on California’s finest ingredient coming from both the land and the ocean with an emphasis on its produce and seafood.”

I hope the bow-tied somm/manager dude is still around.
Loved that guy.

It was nice food, but pricey. Nothing that stood out as outstanding or too inventive. If I’m in BH, I’ll stick with Spago.

It’s still going to be tasting menu only format I assume? I can’t seem to find price anywhere. Anyone know?

It says “seasonal tasting menu” on Resy.



Warrior: I’m so happy they reopened. We made reservations. Can’t wait to see what the wine region will be. (Hopefully they keep the wine region theme….). Unfortunately it seems they have eliminated the priciest premium wine pairing, which is where they really shined.

It doesn’t sound like they are keeping up that format… Maude - Beverly Hills - #2 by CiaoBob

I really like Spago for what it is but it is kind of ironic to bring it up when complaining about other restaurants’ food not being inventive enough

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The details of the wine pairings might depend somewhat on which somm they hire.



Went to Maude last night.
Lots of potential, the food was delicate, nuanced, and delicious. Service needs much improvement, especially the wine part.


Can you share more details regarding the service?

We sat at the bar. Interaction with the chefs was zero - I get it they are busy but they did not seem interested in speaking with us much. Some of the servers had that ‘deer in the headlights’ look while others seemed at ease and very comfortable describing what the dishes. It took about 15 minutes to get someone’s attention to order wine, and then some more time to have it brought. Amuse bouche arrived well before the wine so we sat there another good 15 min waiting for the wine. I asked to keep the wine list so that I can order more wine for later, but the server took it away and never brought it back. When I asked the guy who seemed in charge of wine regarding recommendations to pair with later courses, he literally said he was not well familiar with wine list. He said he will think about a recommendation but never did come back with it. I think being open for only a few weeks and getting consistent staff and properly trained is a bit of a challenge. However, our experience at Kato two weeks ago was flawless.


Wow yeah that sounds like amateur hour. Our two visits prior to Covid were flawless however, one of the dinners was at the bar and the chefs/cooks didn’t interact with the diners back then either. I think the only perk of sitting at the bar is just being able to see the dishes get plated.

I remember Maude had a job posting not long ago for a somm. I guess they haven’t filled that position yet.

thanks again to @NYCtoLA’s bad influence:

this was bang #2 after pizzeria sei

sat at the counter and was able to chat a bit with chef osiel, the former cdc at somni and got some intel on manzke and aitor.

shoutout to fellow peacock @winecatla who was also there.

seabass infladita wakame
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

cauliflower caviar
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
caviar for all the @moonboy403 caviar fuckers out there.

mushroom sfogliatella
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

nopales, jicama, avocado, jalapeno cucumber water

dungeness crab, citrus, apple
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

osetra caviar, tutti frutti farm peas, creme fraiche
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
more caviar for @moonboy403

“free” bread and butter
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

abalone, suncoast farm beans, clams, ham hock
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
one of the most tender abalone i’ve had, the texture reminded me of a scallop.

pasta, egg yolk jam, black truffles roasted chicken jus
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
and gotta have truffle for the asian @moonboy403s

squab, cabbage, onion, juniper
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

epoisse, kandarian farms toasted barley, spiced honey
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:
love a composed cheese course

for dessert you’re led outside and up the stairs next door into maude’s wine cellar. bring a jacket because once the ac kicks on it’s like a wind tunnel in there.

thawing into spring - mandarin, buttermilk, fennel
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

flight of the bee - almond, honey, cara cara, orange blossom
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

breakfast - brioche, warm spices, chocolate, molasses
:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:

:peacock: :peacock: :peacock:


That’s some really nice plating!


I can see the Somni influence on a few dishes.

Caviar :white_check_mark:
Truffle :white_check_mark:
Wait a min, where’s my beef?! Sorry, hard pass.


How can you eat truffles and caviar without A5 wagyu and foie gras?

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this is almost exactly our dinner.
you forgot a little box of cookies they gave to take home!
It was not an overwhelming amount of food, and I can not say I could not do a pizza afterwards, overall portions are just right for me.