MAUDE - Butter Question

Have a reservation for Maude for the carrot menu. Question is, I have a major aversion to butter. Should I expect the dishes to be heavy on the butter front?

Belongs on the L.A. Board?

My bad, Thought it was. Thanks.

I flagged the mod (ipse) - he’ll do it for you. He helped you in a similar fashion on your recent Tasting Kitchen post as well.

Thank you and Ipse. Not having a good posting week. Got to stop drinking at breakfast.

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I would say yes but I bet they can accommodate you if you let them know in advance.

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Then that means I have to drink alone at breakfast?

Please report back, my wife has similiar allergies.

They call right away to confirm your reservation and to ask if you have dietary restrictions. They are very accommodating.

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I just had the carrot menu last night.

From what I could tell butter was present in a few dishes from server descriptions but I think they can accommodate without losing the integrity of the menu. Just be sure to call ahead to let them know.

Any photos? What were the dishes like? Worth going for? Everything super carrot-forward, or pretty blended into things, or a balance of the two?