Max City BBQ in Eagle Rock

Heard some good things about Max City and was finally on that side of town with a chance to try it. Pretty chill place. We got everything ala carte. Pound of fatty brisket ($19/lb), rack of St. Louis ribs ($23.50), wings ($8) and corn bread ($2.50 for two small muffin size).

We liked everything. The brisket was very good. It doesn’t top Maple Block, Bludso’s, Big Mista or Smoke City. But it’s pretty darn good and within sniffing distance of those guys.

The wings were excellent. Loved the rub on them, very juicy and cooked perfectly with no dry spot.

The ribs were a touch on the dry side but still very good. Overall, if I lived in that side of town, they’d be my top bbq joint.


That’s some delicious looking crust! ::drool::

Hmm my brisket yesterday wasn’t as pretty - not very barky, a bit on the dry side.

That’s a bummer. What did you think about it overall? I chatted with the manager for a bit and he did mention that they are constantly working on their consistency. That it’s one of the toughest things for them, especially with brisket.

I thought overall it was ok - although I’ve not tried the other items. I’ve been frequenting Dallas area BBQ joints regularly this past year so probably a bit more critical.

Since we do have a dearth of BBQ joints, I think it’s a good addition.

Yeah, I would drive across town for it, but I’d be happy if I lived nearby. But I get what you’re saying about expectation levels after visiting other parts of the country.

After a week in Austin, my brisket meter was very critical
After a week in Memphis, my pork ribs and rub meter was very critical
After a week in St Louis, I was damn glad to be back eating LA bbq LOL!

Brought the “lil bbq” into work today and it was a great success. Their weakness is beef IMO; pork and chicken were insanely strong.

Of the sides we got mac & cheese, cucumber salad, potato salad, BBQ beans. BBQ beans were on the sweet side, other sides were great. Cornbread was also great.

Currently my favorite BBQ in the city, especially at their price point.


Tried this place out today. Three of us split two of the combo platters.

-Spence’s Platter of Pork: 1/4 Rack of Baby Back Ribs • 1/4 Rack St. Louis Ribs • 1/4 lb Pull Pork

-WeaKnees: 1/4 Rack of St. Louis Ribs • 1/4 Chicken • 1/4 lb Pull Pork • 1/4 lb Brisket

Sides of Mac and Cheese, Slaw and Beans.

I’d say our experience was good but not great. As Ns1 mentioned, they seem to do pork better than beef. The pulled pork was pleasantly fatty and moist but lacked smoke. The brisket was smoky but dry - probably my least favorite and I love brisket. The baby backs were good but the standout by far was the St. Louis ribs, which were moist, fatty, rich and smoky. The chicken… who bothers with chicken at a barbecue joint? I left that to my fellow diners.

As for the sides, loved the mac and chesse - more of a baked casserole style, which is what I prefer. Beans, which I’m not a huge fan of in general, were on the sweet side. Slaw was solid if not especially memorable. Corn bread was good, if a bit dry - nothing some butter and a drizzle of honey can’t fix.

Pork Platter


Note: the Irwin tabletop vice pictured is not on the menu.


Full agreement on those St. Louis ribs, got a half rack in the fridge right now.

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