May 2016 Weekend Rundown

GCM Egg Slut and More!


Sorry about my recent absence - I just got back from Asia and have been remiss in my posting duties…

May is starting off right with dim sum at Sea Harbour…

A quick trip to Mian - the skin on those boiled dumplings are just right…

Chef Nick Erven (formerly of Saint Martha) is running on all burners at Fundamental LA - Delicious mussels with chorizo, white runner beans, saffron cream, fennel & griddled bread…

Ken-san at Kiriko offered me some of his incredibly dangerous (and I mean ‘dangerous’ in the very best sense of the word) housemade moonshine shochu - Think limoncello with a tiny hint of binchotan…

Oh, and much to my good fortune, soft-shelled crab season is in full swing at Kiriko…


Nice @J_L. :slight_smile: Welcome back!


##Pok Pok

##Officine Brera



##Nobu Malibu


What is that pancake-ish thing?

The off-menu farinata

Cemitas Don Adrian
#10 Combinada - Milanesa + Head Cheese with Chipotle Sauce and Oaxacan String Cheese
One of the best sandwiches in town. The chipotle sauce is just amazing.


We celebrated Mother’s Day with my in-laws on Saturday. After visiting the Japanese American National Museum, we stopped off for some much-needed fuel at Blacktop in the Arts District. My latte was incredibly smooth.

My mother-in-law wanted to go to Azla Vegan for lunch. Mama Azla wasn’t cooking that day, so I thought the Yatakilt (curried potatoes with carrots and cabbage) and Misir (spicy red lentils) lacked the depth of flavor they usually have. However, the spicy tofu and Kik (yellow split peas) were absolutely spot on and very moreish. The sorrel drink was really refreshing, but a bit on the sweet side.

Apologies for the unattractive picture. I was so hungry that I ate a good portion of my meal before taking a photo.

My father-in-law ventured off to Chichen Itza (also located in Mercado La Paloma) for cochinita pibil, which he enjoyed.


Chang’s Garden, always a reliable option in Arcadia.

Costilla, chicharron and buche taco at Chicharron Place in Canoga Park.


From last Sunday (since that was technically the first of the month) and this weekend.

Last Sunday. The line for Howlin’ Ray was so long that we were forced out of the courtyard area. So we ended up at Little Jewel. Watermelon habañero lemonade was surprisngly refreshing (most of it was water and sugar, I think). I had the gumbo and partner had the catfish platter. SO delicious. Gumbo was wonderfully smoky. Cornbread on its own was too sweet but went nicely w/ the gumbo. Catfish was PERFECTLY cooked (tender, not oily). Fries were a bit underdone but nicely seasoned.

This weekend. Tacos Tu Madre again, where I decided to try the fish burrito mentioned by @MaladyNelson. Not sure if there’s a fish taco available, but the burrito bore little resemblance to the tacos I had there during my first visit. Fish and crust were nice, but there seemed to be very little in the taco. Most of it was corn, cheese, and beans. Tasty, but too busy. We also had The Six, which is a nice neighborhood gastropub. Mushroom and spinach risotto, fish tacos (not nearly as good as Ricky’s but serviceable), buffalo cauliflower, and a beet salad.

I already mentioned Four Bricks on another thread. Stopped by my parents’ place b/c my dad had returned from Taiwan and said that he had waited in a line that wrapped around a corner to get these pineapple pastries (I actually particularly like pineapple pastries, but…).

Hopefully work calms down this week so that I can catch up on all the other posts!


Sorry about the paucity of fish in your burrito, @paranoidgarliclover. That’s disappointing to hear. When I had it a few weeks ago, there was almost too much fish for me. Also, the corn was hardly noticeable. Reading previous reviews of Tacos Tu Madre, it seems like consistency is an issue.

I have found it consistently awful.


Seafood Hot and Sour Soup. One of the better versions out there. Even better than the DTF version

Live prawns

Pea shoots with crab and scallops

Rock cod 2 ways:

Head 3 cups style

Tail steamed


Oh, that’s too bad. :frowning: While I didn’t like the food during my second visit as much as I did during my first, I still thought it was totally decent.

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Pierogis at The University Inn Cleveland. The Best.


TabiEats, a Tokyo-based cooking channel on YouTube, shared their kimpira gobo recipe. My grandmother made this for me quite a bit as a kid. It consists of burdock, carrots, soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds - real humble, simple Japanese food. It turned out great and was even better than my grandmother’s. Shh, don’t tell her.

Trying to fulfill my New Year’s resolution of learning the Japanese classics.

Here’s a link to their video - in case you want to try it: Kinpira Gobo Recipe (Japanese Stir-Fry Burdock Root Recipe) - YouTube


Dudley Market Venice Brunch



Broken rice plate at Sai Thanh

69: grilled chicken, meat pie, fried shrimp paste with beancurd