May 2022 Rundown

Agree with your sentiment; it’s way better than it has any right to be given it’s steps from the Promenade. Not quite as high level as dearly departed Tacos Punta Cabras (obviously two very different focuses), but still pretty good value for the area.

Last time I went, I was in line behind Ving Rhames, which is fun.


It’s like next door to where Sur le Table used to be and around the corner from Demitasse and Michael’s

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Ah got it. This is the location I was thinking of:

YES. That’s a very good way to put it (and a large part of why we had avoided until recently).

I think of Papi as something adjacent (culinary-wise) to Tacos 1986.

Have you been to the Italian place in the office building across the street (east)? They do housemade pasta, but apparently it’s a chain? I haven’t been yet. Once the dim sum place opens, you’ll be able to do an around-the-world trip on one street corner!


Haven’t gone yet; it’s connected to Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills so I imagine it’s aiming to be a bit fancier than its neighbors Colapasta and Uovo.

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Equally shocked as the OP of the topic that Ghisallo isn’t one of the mainstays of this board:

Campesino: slow-cooked quince, basil, ricotta, rosemary, prosciutto

As good as other West Side mainstays like Roberta’s or La Morra (RIP).


Usually tacos are red because they’re dipped in birria broth, which contains achiote paste.

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Takeda on point today:


iwashi maki


Finally got out east to pack up my cubicle…this was a fun greeting

Went to one place I knew would have outdoor dining, Aljibani Halal Market. Happy to see most of my old go-tos in the area appear to have made it through (RIP Boulevard 574 tho).
We’ve got plenty falafel places on the westside, but most of them don’t fry to order like here. And now garlic is coming out of my pores but worth it

Did a semi-bang after at Bageloo, picked up some baked goods to go.


Uptown 107th and Broadway. Absolute Bagels. Sweetest nicest Thai family is making the best bagels in the city.

Everything with chive and garlic cream cheese.
Egg with BEC. (Nice subtle sweetness to the egg bagel).

No need to toast you heathens! The bagel are warm! Nice texture on the outside and pillowy in the inside.

Aroy mak!

Wash it down with some Thai Tea.


Luigi’s in Park Slope. The quintessential NYC pizza shop.

The sounds, smells, and the looks of what I imagine a NYC pizza shop should be. In Brooklyn of course. With a Italian immigrant success story. A family that cares about making the best pizza possible at a price for all to enjoy. Pizza for the people. The taste btw is wonderful. The crust, and the sauce all perfect. Only thing I am upset about is someone took the corner slices.


Damn, you are killing me…bagels and pizza!!!


That pizza looks so nice and thin!!


This could have started some fights at our local pizzeria back in the day. People would wait for the next pie to come out instead of taking one of the interior slices. The person who asked for the middle slice is a serial killer.


Golden Diner, Chinatown NYC.

Chef Samuel Yoo a Korean-American guy from Queens and a Momofuku alum has one of my favorite restaurants at the moment. Keeping the NY/NJ diner culture alive and reinvented with some Asian flair. The level of cooking here is top notch.

Side of kimchi. Just as good as the aunties in Koreatown LA or Flushing/NJ.

Thai Cobb Salad. The herbs and dressing really give it a SE Asian touch.

Burger and fries. Has a mushroom gochujang special sauce. Fries are perfectly crisp and salted. Burger was also great, diner style with a thicker patty.

Thai Tea Tres Leches cake.

What a meal. I gotta come back for breakfast sandwich, pancakes, and the whole damn menu.


Reminds me of the line at the chicken noodle soup at the Souplantation in San Gabriel! I remember that eating at the Souplantation in Brentwood was a revelation b/c they didn’t have a whole bunch of Asian customers waiting for the noodles to be replenished!


Damn i want that Thai Cobb salad the :egg:are on point!


My mind is blown on how thin and crisp it was. I took one bite of that regular slice and knew yup this is a NYC slice.

I might slightly prefer the coal fired pies like Johns of Bleecker and Sally’s Apizza. Still amazing pizza.


Give them a try next time you are in NYC. I’ll try and go again to explore more of the menu.

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Was listening to a David Chang podcast and they mentioned Zankou Chicken. It was on our mind.

This was for 6 people. Everybody was happy. My son loves the chicken kebabs. Most other favor the chicken. Zankou still has the best garlic sauce around.

Sarki Pastry next door is a very popular spot for baklava and Lebanese pastries. Much better than I remembered. Ding Tea opened up next door so the kids were happy.


You should try Sababa the next time you are in Anaheim/Little Arabia area

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