Ghisallo: 2nd to none

Kinda shocked nobody has written up Ghisallo. My take after trying three pies last night is this place rocks! My new favorite pie in LA? Probably. The Margherita is a perfect slice of love when done right. This was perfect. The dough is light, crunchy, airy and delicious. The Cacio y Pepe was fantastic! Why havn’t I had a C&P pie before? Riccota was excellent, with just the right amount of black pepper and touch of chili heat. Third pie was the Campesino: quince, basil, ricotta, arugula, prosciutto. The flavors worked well. Dare I say, this is the best pie in LA??? Will return asap to try some plated dishes.


1622 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Been there twice.

First time was excellent - very close to a Pizzana crust, our preferred style. Nailed the funghi: caramelized onion, fontina, Parmesan crema. Was concerned about Sottocenere al tartufo as the truffle component but it turned out to work better on a pizza than as a standalone cheese.

Second time: One pizza was overloaded with meat, not in a pleasant way. The other was dripping with a chilled crema that lowered the pizza’s net temperature into the lukewarm zone.

It’s still a new restaurant. I’m assuming they’ll work out the kinks.


Never heard of the place until this post (and I drive by not infrequently). I’m not actually not sure if I need a cacio pepe pizza, but I’ll give the place a try. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for this topic or else I would have never gone. It’s in a relatively residential neighborhood so wouldn’t have passed by. Excellent excellent dough. Will definitely go back for their other pizzas and dishes. What’s the association with Jyan Isaac (of Gjusta?) bread next door?


Think it’s just a happy accident

Same owner

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Bruce Horwitz is an owner of Ghisallo and and Tasting Kitchen and is Jyan Isaac Horwitz’s father.


Had Ghisallo for lunch recently and came away pretty impressed. Perfect addition to that neighborhood. Will definitely be back.