May 2024 Rundown

May the food be with you!


Suntory Rising Chef Series with up and coming star hwoo lee.


I assume you had it YESTERDAY, so that’s CHEATING to put it in the May rundown. :wink:

My contribution:

Partner read in Westways magazine about Pop’s Bagels. It’s close to us, so he got a few bagels.

I don’t think bagel traditionalists are going to like this place. The texture and flavor are “objectively” better than NYB&D as a piece of food, but softer texture means that the chew is a bit off (IMHO). Partner said this place is quite a bit more expensive than NYB&D (no surprise, given that it’s on San Vicente in Brentwood).

Not bad, though.


what’s that? The place on Wilshire ? They have pretty darn good bagels…

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Precisely. I’m generally too lazy to type out the whole thing but will do so now for posterity and future site searches (New York Bagel & Deli In Santa Monica… looks like they also might have a Mar Vista location on National?).

Agree that they are very good. They are my go-to for bagels, and I kind of generally refuse to bagels from other places…


Mar Vista location is across from Whole Foods. Lines out the door weekend mornings.


Hot take: I find the bagels from NYB&D to be only fairly middlin’.

Hotter take: Western Bagels (various locations; with a Westside location at The Colony) makes far better bagels.

Ooh, will need to try Western. I’m sure I must’ve had them b/f many yrs ago, but they weren’t relatively fresh or toasted to revive them (IIRC).

if youre on westside, highly recommend sam’s bagels on Montana & 13th. fabulous pumpernickel especially.


Toast them and see how you like it…

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Since @paranoidgarliclover called me out correctly, here’s what I actually ate today in May :rofl: at the GOAT: Kato.

A lot of stuff I haven’t had on the menu before.

Shoutout to @clayfu’s caviar making an appearance.


The inaugural Transparentsea Farm Tank To Table dinner at their facility (in Downey) was a blast! And it was truly educational, to boot! First, guests were treated to a tour of the crustacean farm operations…

This little guy seems happy and thriving (and delicious). Tanks a lot!

A Transparentsea collaboration comprising various restaurant partners, such as Gjelina, Yang’s Kitchen, Holbox and Otium, the menu featured quite a few highlights…

Bread service rocked as well, with 61Hundred Bread from San Juan Capistrano providing us glorious carbs. (Newsfront: They’ll have a new location opening up in Santa Ana later this year…)

Chef Gilberto Cetina (Holbox) showed off his DJ skills, all while cooking up a storm in the house!

Steve Sutton, the Big Prawn himself, thanked all his team members, partners, and attendees…

Roasted butterflied prawns in black garlic fermented chili butter, with pea tendrils (from Gjelina)… Delicious.

Camarones a la Talla (from Holbox): Mesquite grilled head-on prawn, salsa verde, spicy cucumber salad… Huge bites!!! Definitely a highlight.

Elaine’s “Purin” (from Yang’s Kitchen): Japanese-style pudding, burnt Okinawan sugar syrup… Dessert of the Year candidate! Gorgeous creaminess, complex caramel flavors, with hints of smoke. Huge bite!!!


Agreed!!! The bread was so good :pinched_fingers:

Young feisty adults enjoying their lives in clear water setup

The blue corn sourdough topped with the mushroom spread and garlic yogurt sauce was phenomenal. That spread was said to be developed just that night before! 61Hundred Bread :heart:

Scallop tostada - Holbox

“Build your own” prawn wrap - Otium

Roasted prawn in black garlic butter - Gjelina

Long Beach mushroom - Otium

Mesquite grilled head-on prawns - Holbox

Purin - Yang’s kitchen


Mori Nozomi

review forthcoming @Clayfu @NYCtoLA @Spicyshlomi @Sgee #noigdavid?


Do you carry a pad with hall passes too?


I’m so happy to see a woman doing this. I lived in Japan and saw exactly 0 women sushi chefs, kaiseki chefs, tempura chefs. Actually I can’t remember a woman chef of any kind except at a Spanish restaurant.


How was their rice?

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Female sushi masters in Tokyo: Try Sushi Take (Ginza) and Sushi Meino (Azabu-Juban)…


When does mori nozomi release reservations? Doesn’t seem to state on the Tock page.

Reserve through their website (which uses a Yelp Guest Manager system).