Mayura - Kerala in Culver

maybe if i had gone for dinner at both of the restaurants i would have discovered overlaps… . .

Sometimes I get a dish there and it’s like being transported to South India. Sometimes I get a dish that tastes like bland paste thickened with flour. Eating in Kerala was a high point of my gustatory life and I wish Mayura could be that holy place of reminiscence. It ain’t, but it’s good enough and hits the mark with enough frequency that I eat there about once a year.

On a similar note of geography (both WS and subcontinental) I decided to roll the dice on a dosa at samosa house for lunch today (please hold the commentary on eating south indian in a bengali joint). All the stars aligned and it was served with a spicy chutney and some cooling coconut sauce that hit the mark perfectly. Dosa was just the right mix of crispy and pliant.

Always worth it to spin the wheel one more time…


Should we perhaps read btw the lines…?

I, too, have had wildly inconsistent experiences at Mayura.

I also have been having some awesome meals at Samosa House West recently (though I’ve never tried the dosas).

PS: For those craving Sri Lankan, I can’t recommend Baja Subs in Northridge highly enough.

I’m meeting a friend in the north Valley next wk, and I’m thinking of trying this place. What dishes do you recommend there?

Definitely the kottu roti, which is basically a spicy stir fry with what look like noodles but are actually thin slices of roti pancake. Soooo good. I also really like their biryani (mutton the time I had it, but the meat changes) but believe it’s only available on weekends. Tiny lot but plenty of street parking around the corner.


Bumping this up to remind y’all that Mayura continues to be a place of comfort and mother flipping delight. I hadn’t been for quite some time, but I won’t wait so long to go again. We had the masala dosa, a palak paneer and fish curry. Everything was great, and the staff was as friendly as you’d like. Oh, and I tried the Monk 10000 beer, which I’d never heard of, and liked quite a bit.

My only complaint is those booths. Strangely straight up.


Yep. Still my favorite.

Mayura still the best place for Dosa in LA? Let’s assume I don’t want to deal with parking in Artesia and Canoga is too far. Samosa House seems reasonable to try as well.

So glad we went there for dinner today, it has been too long.

Utthappam was really nice

Great non greasy biryani

She always has to get the butter chicken

Tandoori for the kid.

Rose water heavy rasmalai.

Simple things. Sweet people


oh god this is so wonderfully low budget.

the comments tho lol

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I think the people disenamoured with Mayura should revisit it from time to time. I just had a tremendous lunch there. We only go about yearly these days.

I’ll spare you the ugly pics.

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I think Mayura has the best Indian food in LA. They excel at both North Indian staples like butter chicken and South Indian staples like dosas. And they have an interesting menu of Kerala dishes to boot.


That’s been the case for me. Artesia excluded

Just booked for dinner because for once we wont have our kid with us and can go to a place where everything is spiced.

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didn’t know they had outdoor dining

I think it’s indoor. Guess spaced out, reservation only dining is allowed

edit: i was wrong. website hasn’t been updated

Isn’t indoor dining still banned?

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Culver City has been perhaps the most vigorous about creating actual spaces in the street for outdoor dining with barricades and street closings. Mayura’s not in that downtown area where they’ve been doing it though. Maybe they’ve been able to set something up in the parking lot?

I have no idea. We’ve been taking so many road trips and eating indoors that it’s all blurry to me.

You’re right though. I jsut got an email from Mayura that they’re not taking dine-in guests so they need to fix their website.