Mazesoba at Ramen Ya Ya Ya

A little while back, possibly in the great Chinese ragu thread, I brought up Mazesoba, and it seemed some folks hadn’t heard of it. I certainly hadn’t in the states, but it’s not hard to find here in BC.

This bowl comes from the wonderfully named Ramen Ya Ya Ya, on Robson in downtown Vancouver. Which, if you’re keeping track at home, is 3 dedicated ramen joints within walking distance of the office. Such troubles!!

The previous version I had of this was at Gogiro Ramen a few blocks away. This particular bowl was a little heavier in the heat and lighter in the miso but stuck to the same basic mix. Pork in a spicy miso gravy, with wakame and a raw egg yolk. Give everything a stir and the yolk binds all the oils and such together into a delicious coating for warm, chewy noodles. And if you tragically misjudge your sauce/noodle consumption ratio, you can ask for a small bowl of white rice to
aid in mopping up the good bits.

It’s a great alternative when the weather is warm and you want something a bit lighter and maybe not scalding hot.

The GF got the shoyu Ramen which was NOT the usual tonkotsu pork base. It was a much lighter broth, closer to a deep chicken stock flavored heavily w soy. Very tasty.

If you find yourself downtown and the lineup at Jinya is way too long (as it almost always is) your salvation lies just across the street.

This looks and sounds crazy good. We’re going to Seattle in July but may not have time for Vancouver but I’m going to be keeping an eye on you, buddy :slight_smile: Thanks.