MB Post - Thoughts/Suggestions

Thinking about hitting up MB Post this weekend. I know the biscuits are a must…is there anything else that I have to have while I’m there? Haven’t decided if I’m going to drop by during brunch or early afternoon on Sunday.

Haven’t been in a while, but I remember their mac and cheese being particularly good. Not fancy or cheffed up with lobster or truffles, just good classic mac & cheese. They had an Asian-inspired mussels dish served with rice instead of fries or bread that I liked. Steak with chimichurri. Definitely the biscuits. And the Elvis for dessert.

Edit: dug up my write-up of a meal from nearly 3 years ago: http://theoffalo.com/2013/06/manhattan-beach-post/


Adding to that classic-ness mentioned by @theoffalo, last time I was there I had the chicken pot pie, and it was such a solid chicken pot pie. I think the make a pretty good cocktail, too. But then again, seems like a lot of places these days do. Sometimes they’ll have fried chicken, even when it’s not listed on the menu, and I remember that being taster’s choice.

And yeah, los biscuits.

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From the brunch menu I like the sticky buns, fried chicken, stuffed french toast and don’t forget their wonderful bacon. Enjoy.


Their blistering green beans are terrific.


Loved the lamb belly there. Sword squid w/ lemon curd is also very good. Grilled skirt steak w/ chimichurri…all very good. They’ll even bring over some items from FWD, next door, if you ask nicely.


Personally, I would go to Love & Salt over MB Post. Other than the biscuits, the food just tastes better to me over there.

MB Post is solid California food, but it eludes me as to how it is destination-worthy unless you have a very specific craving for their biscuits. I don’t know, I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t quite see it as so extraordinary. Last time I ate there I enjoyed the half pigs head we ate at Love & Salt more than anything at MB Post though (and there are so many noteworthy dishes there besides that, the rabbit porchetta, bone marrow pasta, duck egg and pancetta pizza, corned lamb tongue panini, crispy chicken oysters, English muffins with rosemary butter… any of these could be listed amongst the best things you could eat in LA anywhere imo).

Maybe not what you want to hear…but if you’re schelping a considerable distance, maybe consider splitting your dough/stomach and doing a bit of restaurant hopping (they are literally around the corner from each other).

@Aesthete that’s not a bad idea. Drinks and snacks at both places…I can’t lose, right?

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Yeah. Both places have pretty great drinks in my experience, so good way to go.

I would get biscuits and an elvis at MB Post, and then go get English muffin, lamb tongue panini (it’s a very tiny snack-sized panini), and maybe some bone marrow pasta. Might as well carb out lol Alternatively, I’d get the rabbit porchetta, they halved the portion for it’s more accessible, and it is one of the most unique and delicious things I have ever eaten in my life. It you can also take it home without losing too much surprisingly enough.

Love & Salt and MB Post are totally different type of food styles. It is like saying I like risotto vs rice. Both are good if well prepared.

Yeah, and Love & Salt prepares its risotto better than MB Post prepares its rice.

Apples vs Oranges!!!

No, it’s not. If you truly believe that, then idk why you don’t just always eat McDonald’s.

As for me, I have standards when it comes to the food I eat.

Chef MICHAEL FIORELLI is not even in the same league as Chef David LeFerve. Sorry man…

I know, he’s several leagues above him, absolutely agree.

A delicious evening was had as my sister and I traversed Manhattan Beach Blvd. Nice, solid meal.
MB Post

The Singapore Sling and the house margarita

The biscuits…they were good drop biscuits studded with cheese, bacon, and chives. The maple butter was was slightly sweet…and delicious.

BBQ Moroccan lamb belly with harissa caramelized onions, roasted Japanese eggplant, and kumquats…I loved it.

Blistering green beans with Thai basil, chili sauce, crispy pork…this was out of this world delicious

Mac & cheese…just like suggested plain and simple, but really good. I found it too heavy on the breadcrumbs side…if rather have a cheesy crust then breadcrumbs.

Cordial Agreement Chams-elysees pomogranate, sparkling wine

The Elvis - chocolate pudding, peanut butter mousse, bacon brittle and bruleed bananas. This was really good and likely the best chocolate pudding I’ve ever had…and I don’t even like chocolate.

Chai tea soft serve on a brioche doughnut with orange tapioca and caramel…I don’t even like Chai tea and I thought this was delicious. My sister ate every last bite and wanted to lick the plate.


We also hopped over to Love & Salt…thanks @Aesthete for your recs.

Housemade English muffins with housemade cultured butter and fresh rosemary. Housemade English muffins are always a treat. I like how this was denser and had much more texture than the stuff in the stores. The butter more more akin to a light cheese…I loved it.

Corned lamb tongue panini - fontina, tomato aioli, picked peppers, rye. It was bite-sized and a nice play on the traditional corned beef sandwich. I’m a huge fan of melty fontina cheese.

Creste de Gallo - lamb ragu, reggiano parm. Pasta was perfectly cooked…and I liken it to macaroni that wanted to be lasgana noodles. I’ve never had this shape before.

Trottole - roasted garlic, bone marrow, parsley, parm, black pepper. Pasta was perfect al dente…and the presentation was lovely. They bring out the bone marrow chunk and mix the pasta tableside. This was rich and lovely and just unctuous.
No dessert needed after the feast at MB Post.
Thanks to all for your wonderful suggestions. I think I might try to spend more time in this neighborhood going forward.


Hi @attran99,

Nice report! :slight_smile: You’ve just reminded me that I need to go back to MB Post soon, LOL. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful report! Glad you enjoyed it.
I could eat that lamb belly daily.

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@Novelli I think I could, too…but then I would need to hit the gym or do that Manhattan Beach Blvd. uphill climb in order to justify it.