Meal stops on 101 or 1 between Santa Barbara & San Jose

Lots of places in Paso Robles, famous taco trucks in Salinas. What else?

Robin’s, Linn’s or Black Cat Bistro, all in Cambria. I’ve also heard good things about Madeline’s but haven’t been there myself.

Cambria’s on 1, not 101.

Sorry – I missed the part about the 101.

Jocko’s in Nipomo for awesome steaks.

Firestone-Walker Barrelworks for incredible beer in Buellton (never eaten at the restaurant there, but I have heard it to be pretty basic pub food).

Various BBQ places in Santa Maria (tri-tip is the specialty).

If you are going to stop in Buellton, highly recommend Industrial Eats at 181 Industrial Road (off Rt. 246 west of Rt. 101). Creative menu, quality ingredients, casual setting.

Good recommendation. We ate here on our stop up north. Just as your described. Had a very nice uni plucked that day from Santa Barbara. Served with proscuitto. Very sweet and nice briny finish. The good kind.

The bread and pizza crust were outstanding. Baked in house. A nice crust.

Only 3 beers on tap. Stick with their wine or better yet I think there is no corkage. Saw a few groups bringing in multiple bottles.

Better than eating at Pea Soup Anderson’s or Firestone Brewery.

I just saw this for the first time. Er, it’s only four hours, ya know. :slight_smile:

If there’s no traffic, but that’s never the whole trip, just the middle stretch where I want a break.

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Ah, gotcha.

Just came back from there. Sea Chest is pretty great for seafood. Black Cat was pretty good not great with tons of execution issues. Had a nice meal at Sow’s Ear (chicken dumplings!) and Boni’s Taco’s is great. 2 pie breakfasts was at Linn’s farm shop and a good breakfast at Creekside.

Food has been really tough up there on our many visits but this time not as bad.

Sea Chest is a hoot, though Cambria’s still not on 101.



Sea Chest. Brought our sick Picpoul from Paix Sur Terre


Pier 46, Templeton

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Black Cat


Sow’s Ear


Except for the crab claws what are we looking at here?

Fried gnocchi app, a great pork chop on turnip purée with pommagtanate molasses that’s too sweet, short rib

Is that a typo? It sounds and looks terrific.