Meatball and Egg Banh Mi in LA/OC?

Up in Oakland there is a little banh mi specialst that does this otherworldly meatball and egg banh mi:

I’m eating a dac biet from Lynda, which is supposedly the best banh mi in OC:

It’s tasty enough, but does not approach the glory of Ba Le in Oakland, much less filling, not as warm of roll, etc…

Surely somewhere in the bountiful OC has these magical items though??

Does anyone know??

You are looking for a banh mi xiu mai + hot ga oop la

Translated: meatball sandwich add fried egg

Most banh mi shops will be able to cater to this request. In fact, there is a Ba Le in Alhambra.


Holy smokes! Thanks!

So Ba Le is a chain of some sort?? What splendid news if so!

I searched Lynda’s menu for a meatball option and didn’t see it; is it a common “off menu” item at most places? Is there any particular reason for this if so?

It’s a common sandwich but not as popular as the other ones which is why I suspect not all shops have it.

No idea if Ba Le is a chain or not but they’re really old school and I could’ve sworn there was one in OC growing up. So would not surprise me if its a small chain.

My word, you’re absolutely correct, what a dunce I am!

From their website:

My only sadness is they close in 10 minutes, so I will have to go tomorrow!

Normally I am not chain fan, but I can’t wait to see if the quality is the same down here as in Oakland. What a grand success!

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The best egg bahn mi is at Bahn Mi My Tho. The guy that runs it is very nice and would probably make you this sandwich as well. They also have wonderful Bao with meatballs and hard boiled egg inside.



I don’t know about egg and meatball, but at Tan Hoang Huong here in OC they have an egg and spam bahn mi that is incredible. Breakfast of champions and served all day.

THH definitely has xiu Mai.

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Battle of spam and egg between Thanh Tam and Tan Hoang Huong?

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Sorry, but not even close. Saigon Bakery (and even City baguette) is completely crushing BMMT these days. Just compare SB brunch versus BMMT when they open, doesn’t matter the filling.

And Thanh Tam over Hoang Huong (even though HH is more popular) cuz they’ll scramble your eggs. Plus it’s closer to DV2.

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Hi @TonyC,

Thanks. Is the “Saigon Bakery” you’re talking about on Valley? Or the one in Westminster?

Saigon Sandwich & Bakery. I prefer the Rosemead one cuz, parking.

Was comparing 2 SGV “institutions”. SGV banh mi, in terms of demand/QPR, will never be reach Lil Saigon’s level, obvs.


Only if you triple dog dare me



Thanks @TonyC. Will have to try it next time I’m in the SGV.

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Big thanks to @TonyC. Managed to try Saigon Sandwich & Bakery’s Egg Banh Mi:

Wow! Such a good egg sandwich for $3.75 or so! :slightly_smiling: The egg was still fluffy, moist, and the herbs were super fresh and the bread had that nice crunch and tender inside.

Fantastic! :slightly_smiling:

Saigon Sandwich & Bakery
8118 E Garvey Ave., Suite I
Rosemead, CA 91770
Tel: (626) 288-2132


Geezus man, did you guys go after the pho ga? And then you went up to luv2eat for some Khanom jeen? #amiright?

Hi Tony,

No no, LOL. That would’ve killed us! :laughing: This was on a different day. Still a bit of a drive, but glad we tried it. Thanks!

@Chowseeker1999 you have my piqued my interest now on the egg sand at Saigon. I just had a pretty darn good rotisserie chicken and egg banh mi at OC Poultry and Rotisserie Market and thought it was quite good. But the price reached $6+ for it although quite substantial. They do have a regular egg sand so I’ll have to try it. But I need to get over to Saigon after your post. The egg just looks great.

Also is this the same as the Garden Grove locations? Not sure if this was posted or not.