Medical care: threat or menace?

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I do want to say that to the extent dentists are doctors, they have done good work for me. Also to the extent that pushing the go button on a Lasik machine is considered doctor work, I do appreciate that too. But other than that, it was hours and hours of waiting in waiting rooms with outdated Sports Illustrated and People magazines to see doctors who provided no assistance at all. They just tapped on my knee with a hammer and stupid shit like that. If i need an antibiotic, I just buy aquarium antibiotics on Amazon, which are exactly the same thing the doctors prescribe.

Lucky you that you don’t have heart disease, cancer, a chronic lower respiratory disease, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, or arthritis and haven’t had a stroke, been hit by a car, been burned in a fire, or had a roof fall on you in an earthquake.



I forgot that I had a psychiatrist that prescribed me valium. That worked!

That uninformed attitude leads to people using horse deworming medicine against Covid (and being surprised that they might end up in the hospital or dead)

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This reminds me of the paramedic ambulance driver, one of those never-been-sick-a-day-in-his-life types, who drove someone with Covid to the hospital, got infected, and died.

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Can we add a Dunning–Kruger filter?


Just put lemon juice in your eyes while on the site.

Agree. Ignoring trolls usually works well, IMHO.




I have lots of problems, most notably an enlarged prostate. But to date the doctors have never been able to cure any of my problems. They say stupid shit like “don’t drink so much coffee.” And then the next day I read that coffee is a cure all. It seems too many smart people go into physics or tech.

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So you haven’t had one of the diseases that have effective treatment without which you would be dead.

What good’s a disease that won’t hurt you?
Why no good, I guess, no good at all

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Perhaps reading more than just the headline helps to understand the context of a study


Reminds me of a sarcastic dril tweet:

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cool, i hadn’t heard that song.

fact remains that someone is asking for medical advice on FTC, which makes my point for me.

Nobody actually asked for medical advice here.