Menudo...any place in the city that does it amazing well?

that’s not in Boyle Heights or ELA? I quite like the version at Mariela’s but I’m guessing there are better versions out there.

La Abeja

And make sure to see if they have Mexican candy in their cash register counter.

El Sazon Oaxaqueno

12131 Washington Pl, Los Angeles 90066

Perhaps? They advertise it pretty heavily at least.

I’ll check it out. How’s the rest of their grub? Yelp pics look really good.

Hamburger. Bueno.

Is that a snicker I hear?

Laugh all you want, but try finding a better burger for under $3.

Under $3 dollars??? I had a lot of red meat this past weekend but, when I’ve recovered, I’m gonna have to try this place, too. Burger + menudo sounds like a very good combo to me…


Taqueria Los Anaya has great menudo on the weekends

cool thanks, I’ll keep this place in mind. Food looks really good!

You are mixing up replies

For something a little different, Chichen Itza on the weekends has Modongo. Yucatecan Tripe soup which is AMAZING.


Whoa, crazy…I thought you hated Chichen Itza??

??? No. I never said I hated Chichen Itza. I don’t recall saying I hated anything. There are things that they serve that are better at other places, but there are certain dishes there they do well and are the only place to get. Like this Mondongo.


I mean, when you say everything is done better elsewhere…that is the same as saying a place deserves to go out of business to me, essentially hatred.

so, by that logic, if i, say, call “citizen kane” the finest film ever made, that means
i hate every other movie?

are you sure about this?


You two are sort of like Abbot & Costello. Except, not really.


Well It’s a matter of degrees. Dommy grew up in a Yucatecan Household. Some of the things which are better elsewhere are made by her mother. These things are not available to the general public and the versions you’ll find a Chichen Itza are the best publicly available in LA. Some things which are better elsewhere are in the Yucatan. The best tortilla I’ve ever had by far, including comparing the tortillas at Tacos Maria etc, are the tortillas from the tortilleria around the corner from the house where Dommy’s father grew up. These are also not available in LA. I’ve also talked about the Kibi I had in a 7-11 parking lot on the road to the real Chichen Itza, Those are not found in LA. Chichen Itza offers up most of the best Yucatan food publicly available in LA. Her family has been going there [and Flor de Yucatan] off and on since they got here when Giberto Sr was running the place and not Chino. and I think Chino has stepped up the cooking there to another level.

One last note Chichen Itza almost hosted our LA Wedding reception at their now closed 6th St restaurant. Unfortunately our party was too big for the space and we had to go elsewhere.

Go to Chichen Itza. Enjoy the food and avoid the Kibis. One of these days I’ll have to ask them to cook the Octopus which everyone here who’s had it has raved about it. Oh and make sure you go on a weekend when they have the awesome Leçhon available.

Take care,

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can i be the thin one?


+1 on the Chichen Itza Mondongo

Very nice and satisfying texture for the soup. Tripe is really tender. Great acid balance, nice spice. The bread that tortilla that comes with it insufficient for soaking up the goodness though.

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Who’s on First?

This is some very nice context.

To me, I feel it’s useful when people give context like this to their statements.

Personally, I award point to things that are publicly available in LA. I don’t totally get the point of dissing a place based on having eaten a better version of something in another city/another country/etc… For example, recently I greatly enjoyed the pierogi at Otium. I talked highly of them. I suppose I could have trashed them for not being the best pierogi I have ever eaten, since I’ve eaten some that are better across the country.

As you point out, if people are saying something sucks, and by that they mean that their mom makes a better version at their house on weekends… that’s great for them, but it’s at least a little perplexing how that is supposed to help a community of others all collectively trying to discuss and find the best food to eat that is publicly available.

But in this case, it seemed to me like the last time Chichen Itza came up Dommy said everything was better at Flor de Yucatan, which at least is available in LA lol I was surprised by the Chichen Itza rec because of that.