Menya Mushahi -- Sawtelle

Any intel?

Tokyo-based (honten in Shinjuku?) tsukemen powerhouse. Big flavors.

It should wake up Tsujita from its nap on the local throne and give it a little needed competition.


Taking down Tentenyu? Shame, I liked the lighter broth.

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… and their menma (bamboo) was superb.

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Correct, it’s taking over that spot.

I sort of do wish there a spot in that area for “everyday” (IMO) ramen (while I love a porky broth, it’s not something I want to consume even multiple times per wk…).

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Kimukatsu’s ramen is excellent.

Other local ramen-yas near Sawtelle include Shinsengumi, Daikokuya, and (though not to my preference) Dosanko.

Further afield: Yamadaya (Westwood Blvd), Kotoya (on National).

Just avoid Tetsu.

Too late.

My partner had the Kimukatsu ramen recently, and it was quite nice. I just can’t pull myself away from their katsu (esp the very lovely katsu don). I don’t know much about Japan or its culture, but I feel that there is something wonderfully Japanese about the place. Very gracious, very low key, and something about it feels very old skool.

Tried the restaurant for the first time b/c you had mentioned once, and I think it’s a lovely contrast to the more self-consciously hip places in that area.


Damn I wanted to try that chicken ramen

The restaurant turnover rate in this city these days is tremendous.

Carpe diem. If you lust after it, go eat there quick, for it may not be there long…

Haven’t tried Dosanko or Kotoya yet.
TOTALLY agree that the Kimukatsu ramen is underrated. Still a rich broth, but nothing as crazy as Tsujita ramen broth.

Their location in Culver City is still open, I think.

Sawtelle needs Kitakata, the lines would be just as long, if not longer than Tsujita.

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Hey is Ippudo SM open yet?

I can only imagine that clusterfuck.


No. Last time I walked by (~1 wk ago), they did have tiling covering some parts of the interior (which is further along then they were b/f…).

Intel: Menya Musashi will be owned & operated by the same team that was/is behind Tentenyu.

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