Mersea - Treasure Island, SF

I’ve been meaning to try this place since 2018. Managed to find a table behind one of the enclosed dining rooms to block most of the too-loud live music. Who wants to hear a 70s-80s top-40 cover band during a meal? Or ever?

Fish chowder ($11 plus $2.50 for bread) was good though a bit too salty (something I hardly ever say). I’m not sure I saw any fish, though there was a good amount of bacon. I prefer Hog Island’s.

Fish and chips ($15) were excellent. Fish was a bit undersalted but the tartar sauce made up for that. I think you can sub french fries, which I’d try if I go back.

Fish tacos looked pretty good, I’d try those as well. There was an Oregon shrimp roll special I’d have tried but it was sold out.

Coming from Berkeley we had to pay the bridge toll. No toll if you go from SF.

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