Mesquite charcoal grill tacos

Any leads on other places here in Southern Cali that do mesquite charcoal grill cooking like the Tire Shop Taqueria stand in South Central? I’m surprised more places don’t cook like this.

Tio Flaco’s Tacos in Fountain Valley is great. They cook their carne asada over a wood fire (pretty sure it’s mesquite, but not positive).

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Pretty sure Sonoritas Prime on Sawtelle grills over mesquite charcoal. I also believe Loqui, which is opening up in Culver City, will as well. Probably quite a bit more expensive than Tire Shop Taqueria, though.

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if/when socalgas decides to hook us up, we should be next month…


so happy it hasn’t taken “2 months” dude.

I blame your lousy attitude

Used to be a place on Olympic Blvd., on the weekends, 2 brothers and a wife. Amazing! Police chased off a lot of the street vendors a couple years ago, took equipment to! These were the best Tijuana style tacos ever!

Tire Shop Taqueria

On Avalon, just south of MLK Jr. Bvld.
When you see smoke coming out of a coin-op laundromat, you’re there.

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holy shit…I have been waiting for you guys to open forever!

believe me when i tell you “so have we”. hope to see you out there soon.

pretty sure i can do this at home. good idea