Mexican in or near Manhattan Beach

My son is really missing Guerilla tacos, Yuca’s, Ricky’s and some favorite spots in Boyle heights after moving to Manhattan Beach this summer. Any suggestions for decent Mexican in the South Bay?

Well, congrats on your son’s successful startup IPO. But you ain’t gonna find anything remotely compareable to Boyle Heights Mex in MB… lots of great shit there otherwise though.

But he could try Sausal. Pretty hot new place doing reportedly decent old school Mex stuff. Not in MB, but pretty close in El Segundo. Ain’t no Guerilla Tacos though =/

Thanks. I guess IPO comment was sardonic (it’s more expensive in MB?). He’s from Bay Area and rents in SoCal are a bargain and his girlfriend works in Torrance so the commute from DTLA was brutal. Anyway Sausal looks interesting.

Not sardonic, MB is a very small little city populated mostly by billionaires. From your SF comment, seems I was right on the money haha =P

It seems like someone has gotta try Mex in MB…hopefully if Sausal does well someone will open some more lower level stuff or something.

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I like El Burrito Jr. in Hermosa Beach on PCH (stand in photo) and Torrance (sit down with table service, beer and wine) great bean and cheese burritos! Cheap!

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In Manhattan Beach I like Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. Their Sweet Pork Barbaco Burrito is good and on tuesday’s everything on the menu is just $5.

Thanks, I will pass that along. Burrito looks like something he would love. He’s into quality and also quantity (6’6" and needs constant caloric intake).

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You are welcome. Just know on Tuesday’s because of the $5 special it is very very busy, everyone from the Los Angeles Air Force Base shows up and the line goes out the door!

The red wet burrito pictured is all just beans + cheese?


Oh ok…what’s in it? You mentioned that the place had great bean + cheese burritos in your post, guessing they have something else that is good since you linked the photo? Sorry…just curious what’s in that thing haha Kind of looks like something from Manuel’s, although with sour cream (I am as snobby as they come, but honestly, I think sour cream can be a good addition to Mexican food, at least of the wet burrito or nacho variety)

El Pastor my personal favorite…

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Artesia Produce & Meat Market 2322 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 has decent street tacos on the weekends for lunch (1.75 ea.) and tamales at the deli counter. The tamles aren’t great, but they do serve tamles de elote (green corn) which are pretty good. Most of the Mexican food around the south bay seems to be pretty old school Mexican American stuff (rice and bean combo plates) of which La Capilla in Old Town Torrance is always solid.

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thanks for this. I have forwarded info to my son. Yes, looks like they have a variety of old school places around.

Just up Artesia from MB in Lawndale is Baja Ensenada with awesome fish tacos that have been mentioned here before.

Here’s a report from that other site…

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The best Mexican you will find in the South Bay is Coni Seafood, hands down. It is only a 15 minute drive from MB in Inglewood. It is Nayarit/Baja style cuisine but you can’t go wrong with almost anything on the menu.

Favorite items:
Grilled Whole Snook
Marlin Tacos
Camarones Borrachos

It religiously lands on Jonathan Gold’s top 100 restaurants.


Thanks so much for the Coni seafood shout out. My son did go there last month and really enjoyed it. It sounds delicious.

You got it Rosie. Unfortunately there isn’t much better than Coni around the South Bay.