Mexican markets / Carnicerias

Gonna do some diy carne asada this weekend. I usually just get some arrachera from my local market (la Tiendita) or Pancho Villas. I used to live near a Carnival in clairemont and had some decent stuff from them. Anyway, i got to thinking…is there anywhere that has to have higher quality meat than the others? Or is there a Whole Foods/Seaside type market that has really good meat cuts for mexican recipes?

I like Kennedy’s market in Escondido which has better cuts of meat but that’s probably inconvenient for you.

Otherwise I go to Northgate but not sure they are any different/better than the stores you mentioned.

Hopefully @DiningDiva will see your post.

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thanks, looking for something in central SD. i will checkout Kennedy’s soon though, have not been there

LOL…I was going to suggest Kennedy’s as well.

I like the meat counter at the Northgate on 43rd better than Pancho Villas. I don’t know if it’s better or fresher, I’ve just had better luck with it when I cooked it. If I recall correctly, the meat is labeled as “carne asada” or “por carne asada” in the display case. They may also have it in their prepackaged meat case.

Carne asada is usually skirt steak and, for me, it’s more about the marinade than the cut of meat. Lime juice, OJ, garlic, salt and chile if you want it. Marinate for 20-30 minutes then grill. Muy rico…

Good call for the weather we’re supposed to have this weekend.

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yeah that is pretty much the recipe i use, cook it over mesquite. Thanks!

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