Mexico City Food Recommendations

Long time lurker, first time poster!

I know this might be the wrong board but no one answers questions on the Latin America food board.

So I was just wondering if any of you had personal recommendations for places to eat? The more local the better in the DF.


Book a walking tour or two, depending on your interests, of Markets, or Mezcalerias, or Tacos/Street Food through eatmexico. We did that and it was awesome.

@CiaoBob Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll definitely check out the culinary food tours. They look awesome.

Any other specific stands/markets etc that you recall or would recommend?

There are a ton of vendors and other interesting things at and around the Mercado de San Juan in the downtown historic centre.

Thanks for the input!

FTCer’s anyone else have any good picks?

though i don’t think much of him as a person, i would recommend checking out

i’ve also had good luck emailing him for recs. he knows mexican food and d.f.


It may be touristy, but I like El Cardenal. I’ve only been to the location in the Hilton.

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I’ll definitely try to reach out to esparza and I’ll check out cardenal.