Mexico City Trip

Had an amazing long weekend down there, with lots of great eating. Thought I’d share a few pics of my favorites.

First, chilaquiles at Nico’s. A very weird place; very out of the way and industrial area, but clear that it has a long standing crowd that has been coming for years. Got this along with table side guacamole (which was fine), but the chilaquiles were dynamite.

Next, El Turix, in Polanco. This is an area with lots of tasting menus. But the cochinita pibil panuchos, poorly pictured below, may have been the single best bite I had of my entire trip. I recall they were in the neighborhood of a dollar. Once you add their incredible salsa, the bite almost gives you a high it’s so spicy and good. I had a wonderful meal at Pujol a few blocks down, and while the cooking is obviously at a higher level, I do wonder if I had a single bite there as sublime as one of my bites of the panuchos.

Next, al pastor at El Tizoncito. Place claims to have created al pastor. My take: it’s as good as the best in LA, but not much better.

Next, Contramar. Just an outstanding meal with amazing service. This place just plays the hits, but it plays them well. Fish was really incredible, not just an instagram gimmick; tuna tostadas were great; and fish al pastor tacos served with juicy pineapple and fresh tortillas were outstanding.

Cafe Tacobar. Unfortunately, I did not get pics here. But the place just rules. Narrow bar, fun cocktails, interesting bartender, friendly people, and outstanding tacos on fresh blue corn tortillas. The tacos are definitely of the gourmet variety. Because I cannot post any pictures, I point you to this link to get an idea of what they look like.

We also loved a place called El Pescadito in Condesa, where they had all manner of fried shrimp and fish tacos.

Finally, on Pujol, I did the taco tasting menu. I felt it was entirely worth the price. Some things wowed; others did not, but it’s a great environment with delicious, thoughtful food. And the final course, roasted corn cake with mexican vanilla ice cream and cacao powder, was just so fucking good. A couple example pictures below–I forgot to take on most courses. The most notable non pictured items were the aforementioned dessert, a sweet and spicy lobster soup, and a pork belly gordita with uni.

Then, of course, tons of street food, which I was too busy eating hot to picture. Great trip.