Mexico Trip Report - August 2017

I’ve been so busy that I it slipped my mind to post about my eats during my trip last month

Second bite of the trip was at Contramar (first bite was churros and chocolate at El Moro in Roma, but I wanted these tostadas!

They ran out of tuna, but offered to subsitute trout And it was more than fine. Tasted just as wonderful as my last visit.

That night, I went to have the new taco omakase at Pujol. It was a very good experience, and considerably more filling than the menu from the main dining room. Here are some of my highlights:

Scallop tostada

Head cheese taco (the undisputed highlight of the evening)

Barbacoa taco

Wagyu taco

Mole madre (1361 days) mole nuevo in taco form (never gets old, this one)

Breakfast at El Cardinal was great. Less for my main (which was lamb tacos) but for the chocolate, the concha (maybe the best I have every consumed), and the natas to put on the pan dulce. Crazy delicious

Was so into this that I forgot to take a photo of it intact.

Lunch at Nicos totally lived up to the hype Traditional foods done perfectly. Table side guacamole preparation had super fresh ingredients in the right proportions. Didn’t bother with the chips as fresh tortillas off the grill were provided as well

Chiles en nogada

Cafe de olla

Pastel esponjoso de queso

Breakfast at Fonda Margarita was recommended by a good friend and did not dissapoint. After a very brief wait, we were escorted to a table already occupied while another party was squeezed in with us. A very warm and intimate meal with strangers who were all cooing about the food and smiling a lot. One of the best meals of the trip.

Albondigas in jitomate

Frijoles refritos

I had high hopes for Sushi Kyo. It wound up being a dud. I might have been a contributing factor to the travel sickness that arose the next day. But this starter dish with a perfectly cooked floret of broccoli dressed with mentaiko offered the promise of great things that didn’t come to pass:

Best part of the experience was chatting with the Mexican born itamae who spent a few years cooking at a Mexican restaurant in Kawasaki, Japan. When he came back home, he decided to pursue his love of Japanese food in CDMX and found himself at Kyo.



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